An Interesting RoomMature


Gabriel heard the noises again that night.

“Where are you going?” Dawn growled as Gabriel got out of bed.

“Just for a walk” Gabriel replied

“Give me a moment” Dawn sighed sitting up he lit a cigarette and pulled on his boots.


The majority of the electric lights were off for the night, one light on each floor lit their way as they climbed each floor. Gabriel noticed that Dawn stayed near the doors away from the railings.

“I can’t hear anything now” Dawn whispered.

“Nor me” Gabriel grumbled listening carefully.

“It’s probably just mice or rats, this place had been closed up for years.”  

“Perhaps” Gabriel said sighing Dawn put his good arm around Gabriel's shoulders.

“Can we go back now?” the daemon asked.

“Where are all the other daemons that are supposed to be here?” Gabriel whispered he opened each of the twenty rooms as they passed a similar layout to their own room in each one.

“I don’t know.” Dawn said looking up at the wooden cover of Sycamore towers it was around ten floors above them. “I'm going to head back.” Dawn yawned.


“Dawn come here.” Gabriel hissed urgently.

“What?” Dawn said irritably following Gabriel to the room there was no furniture in this room instead there was just a dark tunnel leading out the back of the room, instead of a wooden wall.

“Dawn” Gabriel grinned.

“No” Dawn growled “not without letting the others know where we are.” Gabriel groaned but he knew the daemon was right.

“But…” he started.

“No” Dawn growled

“Tomorrow then?” Gabriel asked hopefully.

“Tomorrow night, then no one on the maintenance team will notice people are missing.” Gabriel sighed but nodded. They left the room closing the door again.

“Hang on.” Gabriel dug one of his claws into the wood near the door handle leaving a deep gouge. “So we can find it easily.” Dawn nodded.

“Can I go back to my nice dream now?” he asked Gabriel laughed quietly.




Gabriel didn’t sleep well as the thought of leaving Sycamore towers and getting out into fresh air made his adrenaline run.

“Gabriel,” Dawn growled once during the night “stop wriggling about or  I'll smother you with your pillow.” He muttered sleepily, Gabriel smiled and rolled over closing his eyes.

The End

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