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Gabriel headed down to the lounge, he hadn’t slept well as he tired to remember something about his life in Paradise. Dawn had decided that boiled water was safer than him being in a bad mood and was making himself a coffee. His bandaged arm was stiff and aching and he sighed taking the steaming mug he went to join Gabriel downstairs.

“Hiya” Morgan smiled at him Gabriel was sat on the sofa beside her, he lounged back with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

“Hi” Dawn said quietly, he had lain awake for most of the night listening to Gabriel moving restlessly. “Morning, Gabriel” he said warily wondering what mood the quiet vampyre was in.

“Morning” Gabriel muttered opening his eyes.

“Are you carrying on your lessons today?” Dawn asked.

“I hope so” Morgan smiled.

“I'm not sparring again especially not with you.” Gabriel growled sitting forward his elbows resting on his knees.

“No?” Dawn asked

“Not until your stitches are out, at least.”

“Fair enough” Dawn shrugged feeling slightly relieved as Lewis and Raoul joined them, both vampyres were yawning.

“Rough night?” Morgan asked.

“New place and all” Lewis yawned again “this place makes odd noises,” Gabriel nodded he had heard the creaks and cracks from the walls.

“It’s just the earth moving.” Danu smiled as she came down the stairs, “she does that.”

“She?” Gabriel frowned.

“The earth is a she” Danu said as if everyone should already know.

“Okay” Gabriel said bemused.

“It’s true that people see the earth and its moon as feminine” Dawn said “I've heard the theories before.”

“Well, are we having lessons today, or not?” Lewis yawned as he stood, Morgan jumped up enthusiastically and Lewis smiled. “Are you two joining us?” Lewis asked looking at Gabriel and Dawn.

“Not now.” Gabriel said watching as Dawn drank his coffee.

“Gabriel,” Lewis said a small smile on his face, “you never get anywhere if you don’t practise, besides you're both rusty as Hell.”

“Hell is not rusty.” Dawn growled absently, standing up he set his cup down, Lewis laughed and even Gabriel smiled and did as he was told.


A few hours later Morgan was bored as she copied the same four movements over and over.

“Can we do something else?” she asked as Lewis copied the same moves beside her.

“No” he smiled stopping “hand fighting isn’t quick to learn.”

“I agree” a deep voice said behind her she spun shocked to see Tairas, Chrys and Sylver had joined them. “Hand fighting is an art.” Lewis nodded.

“Tairas is the only Master I know.” He said looking at Morgan, “he trained with the monks in Paradise.” Morgan smiled.

“I didn’t know that.” She said.

“Keep going” Lewis said to her she pulled her fists in at her waist palms facing up.

“Stop” Tairas said calmly he came to her side and pushed the centre of her back gently. “Spine straight,” he said his voice almost made her relax even more. “You cannot move correctly if you are slouched.” She straightened and bought one fist up twisting her arm for the punch to end palm down. “Good” Tairas flashed a rare smile, “again.”

“You’ll find yourself repeating yourself a lot.” Dawn said from behind her.

“But that’s boring.” Morgan said.

“You think you know the moves you have been doing?” Tairas asked and she nodded. “Gabriel, come here.” Gabriel smiled a little as he stood in front of Morgan. “Very well,” Tairas smiled again “land a hit.” He moved away.

“Me?” Morgan asked her eyes wide, Gabriel nodded.

Gabriel blocked every punch, kick or slap Morgan aimed at him and she ended up in a half nelson her arm twisted up her back, he quickly let go.

“Not too bad,” Tairas said “your balance is impaired in your overreach though.”

“Huh?” Morgan frowned.

“Pull it back” Lewis explained “you're reaching too far for your body size and overbalancing.”

“Alright.” Morgan nodded starting the practise moves again.


Midday came and went Dawn stopped first as his arm started to bleed through the bandage. Danu was redressing it when Gabriel stopped, he sat down heavily beside Dawn sweat dripped down his face.

“Not bad, Gabriel,” Tairas said “as usual though, you're not moving your feet enough.”

“It works for me.” He shrugged

“Pull it back” Lewis growled at Morgan. Sweat dripped down into her eyes and she stopped using her sleeve to wipe it away.

“Not bad at all for your first day.” Lewis smiled.

“Thanks” she panted.

“One hour every morning” Lewis said sitting down “that’s the easiest way to learn,” Morgan nodded eagerly as she sat down her muscles tired and aching. “Sylver, on the other hand,” Lewis chuckled. “go back to reading.”

“I might actually.” Sylver said smiling. “I was never really a physical fighter anyway.”

“What did you do?” Morgan asked her breath evening out.

“Magick mostly.” Sylver smiled.

“Really?” Morgan brightened “can you teach me?”

“You can’t do both, you'll kill yourself.” Sylver smiled. “this is tiring but magick drains your mind, it can make you go mad.”

“Why do you want to learn?” Dawn asked Morgan flushed.

“I hate being helpless.” She sighed.

“You’re far from helpless” Gabriel said unconsciously touching the thin white scar across his cheek.

“I'm only any good with a sword.” Morgan grumbled “or a knife, I couldn’t do anything against Aura.”  

“Few can” Dawn smiled.

“I want to help.” Morgan said she stood and took her place away from the chairs.

“No more.” Tairas gently rested a hand on her shoulder.

“You’ll burn yourself out,” Lewis agreed “one hour every morning is more than enough to start with.” 

The End

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