Memories, Moods and Apologies (long chapter)Mature

“Gabriel,” Dawn said as Gabriel moved to the kitchen in their room Dawn rinsed his hands in the sink with a bottle of water, then moved to the bed drying his hands, carefully avoiding the cut “don’t worry, its almost stopped.” He looked at his arm carefully the gash was almost six inches long, a smaller one ran right beside it where Gabriel's two main claws had cut cleanly through his skin Gabriel was boiling the kettle with water from one of the bottles that Truan had provided. He turned to look at Dawn and the daemon saw that he was sad.

“I'm sorry,” he said again Dawn smiled trying to be reassuring.

“It’s not your fault.” The daemon said Gabriel looked at his hands.

“If I wasn’t a freak it wouldn’t have happened.

“Gabriel” Dawn growled warningly, “you're not a freak.” He stood walking to Gabriel he felt a little light headed as he moved. “Look at me.” Dawn said Gabriel did as he was told.

“You wonder why I don’t spar anymore.” Gabriel said “why I don’t touch anyone?” Dawn smiled and wrapped his good arm around Gabriel his hand gently pushed Gabriel's head so the vampyres cheek rested on his chest.

“I don’t mind.” Dawn smiled kissing the top of Gabriel's head, Gabriel sighed again and looked up as Dawn curled his fingers into Gabriel's hair.

“Dawn,” Gabriel growled “Please let me clean that up, the smells driving me mad.” Dawn grinned.

“Alright but no stitches.”

“You may need them.” A voice said and Gabriel realized the door was still open, Danu stood there a small smile on her face. Gabriel almost scalped himself as he tried to step back. “Don’t worry, Gabriel” Danu said as Dawn untangled his fingers. “I understand.”

“Understand what?” Gabriel growled the slightest pink tinge was visible on his cheekbones and Dawn frowned.

“I understand the reluctance for intimacy.” She held her own hands up and Gabriel saw the small pinpoint claws on the tips of her fingers, “I see how your problem is much bigger than mine though” she shut the door and walked to Dawn. “May I?” he offered his arm and she looked carefully holding the arm still but not touching it.

“Do you think the waters safer if its been boiled?” Gabriel asked sniffing the bottle he’d used to fill the kettle.

“It should be fine.” Dawn winced as Danu prodded the raised area around the two wounds.

“I hope so” Gabriel said.


Fourteen stitches later and Dawn was grouchy and tired. Gabriel could feel the familiar burn in his veins he made a concentrated effort to pay attention to his breathing as Danu wiped the blood from the small pinprick holes, from the needle, on Dawn's arm.

“Thanks” Dawn growled as she finished wrapping a thick bandage around his arm.

“It’s okay” she nodded standing up. There was a knock on the door and Dawn growled loudly. Danu smiled and answered it Morgan came in with her hands behind her back

“I came to say sorry again.” she said.

“You’re as bad as him” Dawn grumbled “neither of you were to blame.” Morgan nodded “here” she handed a full bottle to Gabriel. Dawn forgot his mood as the sound Gabriel made travelled through him making him shiver pleasantly

“Deacon, Malachi and me all contributed, that just Deacon in there though, Sylver and the others all got half a bottle each.”

“Why did I get a full one?” Gabriel asked fighting the urge to neck the bottle.

“We thought if we do it a few times over the next few days and a different one of you gets a full one each time, it'll slowly top you all up.” She smiled. “Dawn?” Morgan looked worriedly at the daemon who was staring into the distance a small smile on his face, he slowly looked at her.

“Sorry, I was miles away.” He said.

“Somewhere nice?” Morgan asked
“somewhere nice” Dawn nodded.

“I don’t want to know.” Gabriel said opening the bottle a little he shuddered. “Thanks for this Morgan.” She smiled.

“Come on, Danu.” She said “he doesn’t like being watched.

“Oh,” Danu smiled at them both “see you both later, find me if there is a problem Dawn.” She pointed a claw at the bandage, dawn nodded.

“Bye” Morgan called closing the door.

“I'm not watching” Dawn said as the door clicked shut. Gabriel's hand rested on his shoulder.

“Too late.” He said Dawn turned and saw the empty bottle the vampyre was shivering slightly.

“Are you alright?” Dawn smiled as Gabriel lay down.

“Better now.” He said Dawn brushed Gabriel's hair back.

“Good.” Dawn said.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said not concerning himself with the hand on the side of his neck. “I knew you better than you told me.” Dawn frowned.


“You had grey wings, in Paradise.” Dawn faltered slightly.

“Yes” he said slowly.

“You had the small room that joined to mine.”

“I did” Dawn smiled

“You didn’t sleep there though.”  Dawn felt elation fill him as he grinned widely.

“You remember?” he almost didn’t dare to believe it.

“Little bits and pieces.” Gabriel said “no details, not that I think I want any details.” Dawn recognized the rare joking lilt to Gabriel's tone. He kissed the vampyres forehead.

“It’ll come back” he said quietly laying down on his back still grinning. Dawn turned off the light then if possible his grin grew as Gabriel's claws gently lay over his own fingers.


The End

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