Idiots in BattleMature

Gabriel smiled as he saw Dawn's chest muscles move he ducked as the daemons fist swung gripping Dawn's forearm he made the daemon reach further then he meant too and Dawn stumbled a sharp jab in the daemons side made Dawn growl painfully, he ducked back and as Gabriel's own fist swung he grabbed the vampyres shoulder forcing his foot into the back of Gabriel's knee. The vampyre landed hand on one knee, as he landed he gripped Dawn around the waist pulling the daemon down Dawn landed on his side as Gabriel straightened up skipping back out of Dawn's reach.

“Are you done, Dawn?” Lewis called.

“No way” Dawn growled picking himself up, Gabriel sidestepped ducking under Dawn's fist as the daemon approached but as the daemon moved forward Lewis shouted something. Gabriel felt something catch his leg and he fell, Dawn grabbed one arm and the other flailed Gabriel's claws opening a deep gash in Dawn's arm.

Truan stood trying to get out of the way as Gabriel backed into him the vampyres yell of surprise and Dawn's snarl of pain echoed up through the tower. Gabriel landed on top of Truan as Dawn stumbled back.

“What the hell?” Gabriel snarled as Morgan, Lewis, deacon and Raoul ran to help.

Dawn let Gabriel's arm go as the others pulled the vampyre to his feet. He gripped his own arm and the blood began to quickly seep through his fingers.

“Dawn?” Morgan cried rushing over to him as he sank into one of the chairs, black lines raced over the daemons skin. “Dawn, I'm so sorry.” She saw the daemons eyes turn black.

“Back off” Dawn snarled his body convulsing. Gabriel pulled Morgan back then spun to see Raoul helping Truan up.

“What happened?” he growled.

“I wanted to watch.” Truan said his hand going to the cut that dripped blood down his forehead. Gabriel's eyes followed the trail of blood for a moment before he turned away.

“So you thought you'd sit right behind me?” he snapped “idiot.” Gabriel turned his back on the daemon. Dawn was slowly returning to normal concentrating on keeping his breaths even. He rested his head on the back of the chair his hand still gripping the cut on his arm. “Dawn?” Gabriel said gently moving a little closer to the daemon, Dawn frowned without opening his eyes.

“What?” he said calmly.

“Shall I clean you up?” Gabriel suggested Dawn nodded slowly, he sat forward his eyes opening.

“I'm sorry guys this was my idea.” Morgan sniffed.

“It was fun until an idiot got involved.” Gabriel growled shooting a dirty look at Truan. “It’s not your fault it was an accident.”

“I've had a lot worse Morgan.” Dawn smiled his voice was back to its usual composed tone the black lines were lazy now, crawling slowly over him, he smiled at her. “Maybe tomorrow.” He said wincing as Gabriel tried to pull his hand away from the deep cut.

“Huh?” Morgan frowned.

“We can carry on tomorrow.” Dawn smiled “leave it for a moment sweetie.” He said to Gabriel. “I think we need a barrier of some kind though”

“I don’t know any barriers that are idiot proof.” Gabriel growled.

“What about you?” Morgan said looking at him. “Are you hurt?”

“I'm alright.” Gabriel said “I had a soft landing, come on Dawn.”




The End

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