It turned out that any of the stunted oranges that had grown on Allegra's tree had been bagged up by Morgan. The sharp smell of fruit brought Gabriel's senses back to earth quickly as Dawn worriedly steered him into their room. Morgan was sat on the kitchen side peeling an orange.

“Hi” she said Gabriel smiled slightly.

“Are you okay?” Dawn asked.

“Fine” she said “I was just wondering something.”

“What?” Dawn asked watching as Gabriel sat down on the bed.

“Are either of you specialized in a certain type of fighting?” Gabriel just stared at her.

“yes?” Dawn said after a moment

“Fancy starting some lessons?” Morgan winced as her orange squirted juice in her face.

“I'm not a good teacher.” Gabriel said.

“Bull” Dawn laughed “you taught me well enough.”

“I don’t remember that.” Gabriel frowned at him.

“You taught Dawn the battleaxe?” Morgan asked her eyes wide.

“No” Dawn smiled stripping his jacket off. “He taught me the sword.”

“You don’t use a sword” Morgan frowned.

“I did” Gabriel said standing he took off his coat and Morgan saw the swords hanging at his waist.

“I didn’t even register them.” She said shaking her head.

“It was the first weapon I learnt” he said

“Cool” Morgan grinned “what about you, Dawn?”

“I'm not bad with a sword, but better at bare hand and the staff.” Gabriel staggered forward as a memory of a black staff with silver caps at each end blinded him. the memory was brief but there was no mistaking the grey winged angel that held it. “Gabriel?” Dawn had seen the trip.

“Fine” the vampyre waved a dismissive hand.

“So how about it?” Morgan asked “we need to keep busy and stay fit while we’re here.” Gabriel sighed.

“You’re probably right.” He said reluctantly. “I should be in better shape at least.
“You are in good shape.” Dawn grinned Morgan laughed.

“You said it yourself, Dawn, I’m too thin and I know it.”

“So, hand fighting?” Morgan grinned. Morgan jumped down from the side abandoning her orange on the worktop.  


Lewis, Raoul and Deacon stopped at the top of the staircase as they saw Gabriel and Morgan sparring, more Gabriel was blocking every hit Morgan threw. The vampyre dropped, kicking the girl’s legs from under her. She landed on the pile of dust sheets that they had laid out over the wooden floor.

“Gabriel,” Lewis smiled as the three descended the stairs. “I don’t think you're a fair match for young Morgan.”

“Possibly not.” Gabriel smiled helping Morgan up. She bent down brushing the dust from her patchwork jeans.

“Morgan, come here.” Lewis said “Dawn you go”

“Me?” Dawn asked Gabriel smiled wickedly.

“Come on, Dawn” he grinned Dawn shrugged and stood walking to the middle of the room.

“Can we demonstrate the basics, please?” Lewis called “Morgan watch their feet, surprisingly it’s where your feet are that counts.”

“Like fencing.” Morgan nodded. She sat on the bottom step with Lewis beside her, Raoul and Deacon sat one step up.

“Hasn’t Gabriel got an unfair advantage?” Deacon asked quietly, Lewis nodded.

“Gabriel try not to maim Dawn, please.” Gabriel balled his fists covering the razor ends of his claws, Dawn smiled.

“Thanks” he said as both of them put their right foot slightly forward their feet spread.

“Ready?” Lewis called.


The End

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