Looking For a Way OutMature


Dawn stood at the open door as the others paired off heading into their rooms.

“So why down here?” Gabriel asked as Dawn closed the door the daemon frowned as he looked for a lock but couldn’t see one. He turned and saw Gabriel was ready for bed and pulling a brush through his long hair.

“So we can see who comes and goes” Dawn said looking at the vampyre with a small smile. He strode forward and stopped Gabriel's hands with gentle fingers around the vampyres wrists.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled the daemon released him, resting both hands on the vampyres shoulders.

“I just thought I’d tell you, you look gorgeous,”

“Shut up” Gabriel grumbled Dawn laughed running one hand over Gabriel's loose hair.

“Okay, but only because you're blushing.” Gabriel slapped the daemons hands away.

“Get some control over your hormones, Dawn.” He said Dawn laughed again walking to his side of the bed.

“I don’t have control over my daemon form let alone my hormones, in comparison I don’t think they stand a chance. Do you?” Gabriel quickly fastened the piece of leather around his braid and shot Dawn a dirty look.

“Goodnight, Dawn” Gabriel said shortly but unable to help the smile as he settled down on the clean sheets.

“I meant it though,” Dawn smiled getting changed, “you are.” Gabriel sighed as Dawn turned out the lights and settled in beside him.

“Thanks” he grumbled and Dawn grinned at the darkness.


Gabriel looked down from the top floor of the underground tower, through the scaffolding he could see a few of the group in the lounge area but couldn’t tell who it was. He sniffed and looked up at the ceiling of long boards that covered the exit to the pit. As far as he could tell there were no trap doors or exits there. One by one he checked the rooms each looked the same as his own aside from the thick layers of dust, but still no exits.

“Gabriel?” Dawn's voice rose up the tower.

“What?” the vampyre yelled back looking over the railing again, he could just make out that the large figure by the stairs was Dawn.

“What are you doing up there?”

“Just looking.” Gabriel snapped

“Alright I was only asking.” Dawn grumbled to himself.

“I'm coming down now anyway.” Dawn didn’t reply as someone walked over to him, Gabriel, sighed and began the long walk to the bottom floor.


“There is a lift you know” Truan said to Dawn looking up as if to see Gabriel.

“Where?” Dawn asked

“Behind the stairs.” Truan replied showing Dawn a tiny lift the daemon doubted for a moment that he would even fit in it.

“Does it work?” Dawn asked

“I can get maintenance to check it” Truan smiled.

“Where’s the exit?” Gabriel called down they looked up to see him looking down over the railing, he was around ten floors up.

“Why?” Truan frowned Gabriel vanished again.

“He’s curious” Dawn smiled.

“Curious, my ass” Gabriel growled from somewhere above. “I want to know.”

“Well,” Truan thought “to be honest I don’t know.” Gabriel frowned as he came down the main staircase. “I was designated to Holehallow, not here, I don’t know the layout.”

“Wonderful” Gabriel snarled.

“I could find out.” Truan said.
“You do that.” Gabriel flopped down on one of the armchairs, all of the dust sheets had been piled in the corner at some point in the night.

“I am sorry.” Truan said Gabriel looked at him his eyes narrowing.

“You look different.” He said tonelessly.

“Probably just the lighting.” Dawn smiled the lights here were almost white instead of the sickly yellow of Holehallow.

“That must be it.” Truan smiled “I am going to be staying here now, there are others in Holehallow that can take over for me.”

“Okay” Dawn said looking at Gabriel who stared at nothing in particular.

“Please let me know if you need anything especially more water.” Truan said “I will let you know where my room is as soon as I have found it.” Dawn nodded once and Truan inclined his head walking away.

“What’s wrong?” Dawn asked after making sure Truan had gone, he knelt down beside Gabriel's chair his hand resting on the vampyres knee, Gabriel didn’t move or look at Dawn.

“This place is getting more surreal by the day.” He muttered.    








The End

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