The First Night in Sycamore TowersMature

“So what's this place called?” Sylver asked as they walked along the badly lit tunnel.

“I think the closest one is Sycamore towers.” Dawn said Gabriel nodded.

“That’s what Truan told me” he said.


Sycamore towers was impressive, with fifty floors below ground level. The centre of it was a huge open shaft that had scaffolding around halfway up.

Gabriel's group came out in a room on the lowest floor, to a central meeting place. Chairs and tables were covered in dust sheets Gabriel sniffed smelling dust and furniture polish.

“Well, this is upper class luxury” Deacon laughed looking at the huge sweeping staircase that led to the first floor. The banisters were washed in gold.

“I say we stick to our pairs.” Lewis growled from near the back of the group. Something in his tone made the others turn to look at him.

“What are you thinking?” Raoul asked

“I don’t know something's odd.”

“This place is odd” Sylver grumbled.

“How about, it’s just us here that Allegra's alone in a pit of daemons and somewhere mother is waiting for us.” Everyone started as Tairas’ deep voice serenely reeled off the list.

“No” Lewis frowned “none of those” Sylver rested a hand on Tairas’ shoulder trying to be comforting.


“Aren’t you going to pick rooms?” a voice said behind them they turned to see Danu with three scaled daemons emerge from the tunnel.

“What are you doing here?” Dawn asked only recognizing Danu and the still injured Loki.

“I had a personal invite from that little Guide” Danu smiled “you know Loki, this is Carolyn, or Caz as she prefers a woman with blue-black scales raised a hand in a quick wave, only Deacon and Daryll waved back. “And Jacques” the scales on the male daemon changed from green to grey as they proceeded up his arms and over his face. His hair was a light grey.

“Don’t you have more daemons here?” Dawn asked.

“I do,” Danu smiled “but Caz is my personal protector and Loki and Jacques are unwell.” Dawn nodded “my other daemons, as you call them, have their orders and Jacques brother Lucas is keeping an eye on your pretty little friend.” 

“Which one?” Dawn asked his eyes moving to Gabriel he tried not to smile.

“Am I saying it right, Allegra?” Danu said.

“Yeah” Dawn said. “And that’s good to hear.”


Together they all headed up the stairs. Danu assisted Loki as he struggled to lift his left leg properly. They all stopped on the landing as Danu looked over and saw Truan coming out of the tunnel.

“Here comes that beastly Guide.” She growled the spines on her arms turned red as she frowned.

“Danu” Dawn scolded quietly.

“I'm sorry but he's so fake.” She whispered.

“It’s his job.” Dawn smiled silently agreeing.

Truan walked up the stairs smiling as he saw the group of them.

“What do you think?” he asked.
“Impressive” Dawn nodded “I saw the original design plans for this place but its grander than I thought it would be.”

“Well was built for the higher classes.” Truan smiled.

“Higher classes?” Gabriel growled Truan just looked at him then back at Dawn. “The rooms up top are better than down here I thought you'd like them.”

“No” Dawn said quickly “I’d rather stay down here.” The Guide raised his eyebrows.

“If you insist sire” he nodded “I have some of the maintenance crew getting fresh bedding down, the sheets are probably dust ridden by now.”

“Alright.” Dawn said.

“They should be here in about an hour, they are bringing food and water too. The water here seems to not want to work.”

“We’ll likely be on this floor.” Dawn said Truan nodded.


The supplies of clean linen were enhanced by some bandages and a few herbal medicine bags. Apparently one of the daemons had been approached by a daemon called Lucas and he said they were needed.

They all sat in the room Dawn and Gabriel were sharing it was a bit of a squeeze but the rooms were significantly bigger than in Holehallow.

“So, now what?” Danu asked.

“Now, we find a way out.” Dawn said “I don’t think Amarantine is coming and there's not as many here to watch us.”

“So we explore?” Daryll grinned.

“Tomorrow.” Dawn said firmly looking at his watch “and be careful of the maintenance team they may be watching us.”


The End

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