A New HomeMature

Gabriel jerked awake to see Dawn's naked back facing him, the daemon was sat on the edge of the bed.

“Dawn?” but the daemon didn’t move as Gabriel stood silently cursing himself for falling asleep in his jeans, he picked up his bag pushing his clothes back into it and turned to see that Dawn still hadn’t moved. He walked around the bed and saw Dawn's letter was sat in the daemons hands. “Dawn?” Gabriel said sharply the daemons shoulders twitched and he looked up.

“Morning” Dawn stood stretching “I didn’t hear you get up.” The daemon tucked the note into his pocket.

“I did say your name.” Gabriel said.

“Sorry sweetie. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I noticed.” Gabriel said moving to the door as someone knocked. “What?” he Gabriel growled.

“Good morning.” The Guide said happily “may I come in?” Gabriel glared at him for a moment, considering.

“What would you do if I said no?” Gabriel asked.

“Sure.” Dawn said appearing at Gabriel's shoulder, Truan took one step forward and Gabriel reluctantly stepped aside and closed the door. Then he moved towards the bathroom.

“Excuse me?” Truan smiled “I have come to talk to both of you.”

“You can wait.” Gabriel grumbled “it’s your own fault for knocking at an unholy time of morning.” He slammed the bathroom door shut and locked it.


Truan didn’t quite know what to do with himself as he stared at the bathroom door, he stuttered slightly.

“my apologies for upsetting him.” he said turning to Dawn.

“You didn’t.” Dawn smiled pulling on a sweatshirt. “Just breathing morning air makes him grouchy.”

“I see.” Truan seemed a little happier. “oh,” he said spotting the thin tree in the corner, that almost touched the ceiling. “I can have maintenance remove that.”

“No” Dawn said “its fine.”

“Really?” Truan frowned looking closely at the tree, “it’s a miracle that it can grow down here anyway.”

“We like it” Dawn smiled “a little nature is good.” Truan returned the smile.

“As you wish, sire.” He nodded “I am here to report that the tunnel has been completed and repair work is being done in the other sanctuary.”

“That’s brilliant,” Dawn said genuinely pleased. “I was wondering if you wished to inspect it and perhaps choose a room?”

“I wont leave my group.” Dawn frowned Truan seemed to falter slightly.

“Of course not.” He said regaining his composure. Gabriel opened the bathroom door, his clothes changed and his hair retied. “Gabriel is also welcome to pick a room as a thank you for his help.”

“What help?” Gabriel growled unhappy that he hadn’t had a shower before changing.

“The tunnels finished.” Dawn smiled.


Everyone in Dawn's group stood at the entrance to the tunnel a musty, closed in smell drifted out of the darkness.

“I will get provisions together and bring them tonight” Truan said to everyone “by then if there is any problems please let me know.”

“Fine” Dawn said gently gripping Gabriel's wrist as the vampyre moved away from the dark tunnel.

“For now we will organize the groups that will be moved” Truan bowed slightly to Dawn “there is a maintenance crew down there now so there are lights but if you need anything please ask them.”

“We will” Sylver nodded “and thanks” Truan smiled and walked away.

Gabriel saw Allegra alight on Dawn's shoulder.

“I'm staying here” she said “I want to see what happens when you’re gone.”

“Can I argue at all?” Dawn asked

“No” Allegra said firmly.

“Okay” Dawn smiled “don’t get into trouble.”

“I won’t” they watched as she flitted down the corridor following Truan.

The group quickly followed Dawn into the tunnel.

The End

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