Memories and MadnessMature

 Gabriel sat back his hands braced behind him to hold him up.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said quietly “I'm sorry in advance.” The daemon stood in the kitchen. Gabriel dropped his head back looking at the daemon upside down.


“I can't have any coffee.” Dawn growled.

“Ah,” Gabriel smiled turning to look at Dawn properly. “So I'm going to have a grouchy daemon to live with?” Dawn smiled.

“Probably.” He laughed

“That’s alright” Gabriel said laying back down “I won’t be much better.”

“No?” Dawn asked bending to examine the now knee high plant in the corner.

“I can’t have a shower.” The vampyre said.

“I like a dirty vampyre.” Dawn grinned Gabriel threw a pillow at him Dawn laughed and threw it back. “Anyway, now we’re on our own did you want me to read your letter?” Gabriel raised silver eyebrows.

“You can’t Dawn, its against the rules.” Gabriel sniggered.

“I'm a rebel” Dawn smiled “besides as far as I know I make the rules.” He held out his hand Gabriel passed him the roll of paper Dawn looked at the old fashioned wax seal noting that it had sealed itself again and there was no stamp in the wax. He unrolled it and yelped jumping back as the letter burst into flames, he stamped on the burning roll as it began to singe the floorboards.

“What the Hell?” Gabriel growled he had jumped to his feet as the paper fell.

“Exactly what I was thinking.” Dawn muttered.

“Dawn?” Gabriel frowned the daemon looked at him as the vampyre pulled a roll of wax sealed paper from his pocket again.

“What is going on?” Dawn growled.


They made two more attempts at reading Gabriel's note, they even tried with Gabriel holding it and Dawn reading over his shoulder but as soon as Dawn saw the spidery writing the paper burst into flames and again reappeared sealed and unharmed in Gabriel's pocket.

“Well, we know one thing” Gabriel growled he said as he made sure he still had his eyebrows, “we’re dealing with a pyromaniac.”

“A very advanced magick user” Dawn said quietly, as Gabriel tugged a few singed bits from the front of Dawn's hair, Dawn was sat on the bed and he could smell ozone and soap, the smell that was just Gabriel and he growled.

“Sorry” Gabriel said thinking he'd tugged to hard he stepped back from the bed.

“Don’t be” Dawn said standing he ran his hands over his hair.

“We do know whoever it is favours the same combustible material that you like.” Gabriel said watching Dawn check the tree again.

“Which is?” Dawn said distractedly.

“Sulphur.” Gabriel said “what's wrong?” Dawn straightened and looked at Gabriel.

“I think, when we get out of here, that I need some time to myself.” Dawn said suddenly.

“Why?” Gabriel frowned.

“It’s getting harder for me to be near you.” Dawn sighed.

“Won’t leaving make it worse when you come back?” Gabriel asked, he couldn’t quite work out why he felt a little hurt at Dawn's words.

“Possibly.” Dawn nodded rubbing the back of his head he looked at the floor.

“Dawn?” Gabriel moved standing a few feet from the daemon, Dawn watched him carefully. “Can I help?” the daemon tried to smile but failed.

“I don’t know.” He said “I don’t think I know many things anymore.” He moved to Gabriel and was surprised as the vampyre wrapped one arm as far as he could around the daemons large chest. Dawn did smile and put his own arms around the vampyre. “thanks.” Dawn said quietly, Gabriel made a pathetic effort to shrug. “I do need some sleep, sweetie.” Dawn said after a moment Gabriel, not realizing he had closed them, opened his eyes. His head was resting on Dawn's chest and he skipped back.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

“It’s okay” Dawn smiled “I think you needed that, I certainly did.” Gabriel pulled a face and Dawn laughed gently moving to the bed he stripped his boots off. Gabriel looked up at the bloodstained mattress that rested against the wall, his eyes traced the red-brown marks and he grimaced.

“Dawn?” he said not looking away from the dried blood “aren’t you going to read your note?”

“Later.” Dawn yawned “right now I don’t want too.” Gabriel looked at him frowning.

“Aren’t you curious?”

“Yes,” Dawn nodded looking at Gabriel from the pillow, “but right now we’re in a limbo state and I'm happy being ignorant for a little while longer.” Gabriel shrugged and moved to the bed, sitting down he started to pull his night clothes from his bag. “Don’t bother.” Dawn grumbled Gabriel turned to look at him and for a split second saw a much younger Dawn laying on silk sheets, dark grey feathered wings spread out around him a small smile on his face.

The small smile was the only thing that remained as the memory faded to Dawn on ragged cotton sheets with no visible wings. The daemon was already asleep Gabriel sighed and dropped his clothes on top of his bag, suddenly he felt exhausted, he swung his legs up curling up beside Dawn. The daemon shifted slightly and Gabriel felt an arm rest itself across his side and for now he realized he didn’t really mind.



The End

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