Allegra laughed as she was accosted by her children who ran forward hugging her and kissing her.


“So what's happening?” Dawn asked, after reintroductions had finished.

“I could ask the same.” Allegra's gentle voice replied as she looked at Dawn then at Danu.

“You first.” Gabriel growled. Allegra smiled and pulled two rolled up pieces of paper from her pocket. She handed one to Gabriel and one to Dawn.

“These are for you.” She smiled “my instructions are that they are only for you.” Allegra said firmly.

“Useful” Gabriel muttered looking at the letters that made no sense to him.

“I’ll read it” Sylver said.

“No” Allegra almost shouted Sylver snatched his hand back. “No one but you is allowed.” She added.

“Then it’s useless.” Gabriel sighed.

“Keep hold of it” Allegra sighed not knowing how Gabriel was supposed to read it either.

“So who gave you said instructions?” Dawn asked his own letter still sealed and sitting on his lap.

“I've been ordered not to say.” Allegra smiled.

“And if I order otherwise?” Dawn growled but Allegra shook her head.

“I can’t, but I will say that we will be leaving here very soon.”

“No” Gabriel stood tucking the note into his pocket “we leave now.” Allegra gently put both hands on his chest.

“We can’t.” She said sadly “your mother has sentries and spies everywhere.”

“She can’t cover that much ground.” Sylver said.

“She can I'm afraid.” Allegra said looking at him “we need to sleep, feed whatever we need to do and be ready.” Gabriel made the first sound of frustration the others followed talking loudly. Dawn wrapped a careful hand around Gabriel's wrist and tugged him back down to sit beside him.

“This is ridiculous.” Gabriel snarled.

“I agree” Sylver said “but if a plan is in place then shouldn’t we follow it?”

“Who’s plan?” Gabriel shouted over the noise in the room. “Its obviously not Amarantine's or he would be here.
“Amarantine's gone.” Allegra said.

“What?” Dawn's grip tightened on Gabriel's wrist as a single black line curled up just above his collar before vanishing again.

“So what is the actual plan?” Morgan asked loudly everyone turned to look at Allegra.

“We wait,” Allegra said with an apologetic look at Gabriel who growled, “We’ll know the sign when it comes.”

“What sign?” Dawn asked.

“When it comes.” Allegra said “I was also told that no one should be alone at any time and not to eat the food.”

“Why not? Dawn asked.

“There’s something wrong with it, haven’t you wondered why everyone’s so carefree down here?”

“The food,” Morgan frowned Allegra nodded.

“Exactly” she said “the food, the drink, everything” Gabriel moved quickly grabbing the JD bottle from the bedside table Dawn groaned as the vampyre threw the contents down the sink. “Also the water,” Allegra said “all of it even the shower.”   

“So what do the non-blood drinkers eat and drink?” Gabriel said.

“I thought of that.” Allegra smiled she dug in her pocket and pulled out a tiny white seed. “Could someone pull up a floorboard for me please?” she almost cradled the small thing in her hands as Sylver obliged pulling up a corner board. The soil below was grey and dry she sighed.

“It’ll do” she said her back to the group she bent down her body shielding what she was doing. When she moved a tiny stem with one leaf was poking up out of the soil, a band of green light was wrapped around it.

“What is it?” Sylver asked.

“Oranges” Allegra said “they’ll do for now.”

The End

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