Missing and Arriving or for sevenwaystosundayMature

Between the two of them Sylver and Gabriel managed to lift Dawn onto the bed, setting him down beside Loki. Sylver used a fresh cloth and hot water to clean the gash on the back of Dawn's head. All the while Gabriel stayed beside his friend.

“What now?” Deacon asked his face pale with worry.

“We need help.”

“It’s coming.” The strange voice said softly in Gabriel's ear the vampyre jumped.

“Gabriel?” Sylver frowned.

“It’s nothing.” Gabriel snapped.

“Tell me you heard that too.” Sylver asked.

“Yes” Gabriel said looking at his twin.

“Do we believe it?” Sylver asked.
“Believe what?” Danu asked still wiping blood from Loki’s scales.

“A voice” Gabriel said reluctantly.

“A familiar voice at that.” Sylver added all of them jumped as a low laugh filled the room. “Who are you?” Sylver demanded. Deacon if possible had gone even paler.

“What is it?” Gabriel asked but Deacon shook his head.

“Nothing” the daemon said quickly he muttered something to himself.

“Deacon?” Sylver stood but the small daemon glared at him.

“No” he snarled and Sylver started slightly. Deacon moved quickly to the door.

“I’ll let the others know what's happening.” He moved faster than Gabriel who darted towards him quickly leaving the room.

“Loki?” Gabriel said vaguely staring at the closed door.

“Hm?” Loki muttered.

“Where’s Mason?” Gabriel turned.

“Gone, sire.” Loki said struggling to sit up even as Danu fussed over him “I'm okay milady.” Loki smiled through split lips Gabriel saw a few of the daemons sharp teeth were missing. “I only remember following you,” He looked at Sylver who nodded “then I woke up in that place. It was dark and the smell…”he stopped his face twisting as he thought. “We’re lucky though, we have these.” The scaled daemon pointed to two slits in each side of his neck.

“They filter the air,” Danu answered the vampyres questioning looks. “We can even breathe water for a short time.”

“But the stuff in the air wouldn’t filter properly,” Loki said “it made my head sleep.”

“It made you dizzy?” Sylver asked.

“I don’t know what that means.” Loki frowned.

“He means it made you light headed.” Danu smiled.

“Yes, then I suppose dizzy is the correct term.”

“Are you feeling better?” Danu asked as Loki turned swinging his legs out from beneath the duvet.

“I can taste metal, my head hurts but yes milady I'm okay.”

“Good,” Gabriel said his eyes fixed on Dawn. “We need to work out what we do now.”


Every plan they came up with ended with the same issues as the one before, either way they had to wait for Allegra, carry Dawn and somewhere Aura waited for them.


Gabriel growled and pressed his forehead against the cold tiles of the shower stall, the freezing water was almost welcome as it seemed to shut down his senses.

“Gabriel?” Sylver knocked on the door. “Someone out here wants to see you.” Gabriel sighed and shut off the water he shivered, quickly drying himself off. He dressed grimacing as his hair made the back of his hoodie wet.


Dawn was sat up in bed a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Morgan and Chrys were in the room sat on a mattress on the floor that the pair had acquired from somewhere.

“Hey, sweetie,” Dawn said as Gabriel emerged from the bathroom. The vampyre stared at him. Loki was sat on a chair beside the bed, Danu was examining the cut on Dawn's head.

“Hey” Gabriel said lighting a cigarette to stop the string of questions that threatened to burst out of him, he only asked one. “Are you okay?” Dawn just nodded as he drank his coffee.

“Gabriel,” Morgan smiled “this is for you.” She pointed at the mattress.

“Okay” Gabriel frowned “thanks.”

“Well, your ones covered in blood now.” She explained

“True” Gabriel sighed.

“Apparently we've had a visitor.” Dawn growled suddenly Gabriel looked at him “a voice?”

“Yeah.” Gabriel nodded.

“A familiar voice that’s male and makes Deacon act oddly?” Dawn added Dawn sighed “fair enough” he shrugged

“Do you know who it is?” Gabriel asked suspiciously.

“It’s not Amarantine?” Dawn asked.

“No, I'm sure of that.”

“Then I have no idea.” Dawn smiled the daemon had black shadows beneath his eyes, Gabriel didn’t believe Dawn as the daemon looked at the brown liquid in his coffee cup.

Someone knocked on the door.
“What?” Sylver called Gabriel growled.

“Come and join the party.” He snarled quietly the little room was becoming very overcrowded.

The door opened and Deacon came in, closing the door he stood looking at his feet.

“What?” Gabriel asked moving to Dawn's side at the edge of the room. Deacon put a gentle hand in his pocket and carefully bought it out uncurling his fingers. Allegra flew up her little body stretching and growing until she was her usual size.





The End

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