Things are Getting WorseMature

Sylver and Deacon wandered slowly through the corridors of Holehallow as they walked Deacon tried to explain who Danu was.

“So she's basically just a different type of daemon.” Sylver said.

“She’s the first of her kind” Deacon nodded “like Gabriel's the first of yours.”

“I see” Sylver nodded “and like Dawn's the first…” he stopped at the look on Deacon's face.

“Yeah, sure” the little daemon smiled.

“He’s not?” Sylver frowned Deacon looked sheepish.

“I'm not supposed to talk about it.” He said.
“Why not?” Sylver asked looking up as a low sound met his ears.

“Orders.” Deacon felt the bolt of pleasure that shocked Sylver as the smell of blood filled the corridor.

“Deacon?” Sylver breathed both of them stopped as they heard a bang and a groan from the corner ahead. “Shhh” Sylver growled as Deacon opened his mouth. They waited for a moment then Sylver started forward quickly as a bloody and bruised figure lurched around the corner hitting the wall.


Gabriel lifted Dawn's legs tucking them beneath the thin duvet. He pulled the cover up over Dawn's chest, the sleeping daemon grumbled and rolled over. Gabriel sat down on his own side of the bed, Danu looked at him.

“I'm sorry I can’t tell you what's wrong.” She said gently Gabriel just smiled sadly at her.

“Danu” Dawn grumbled

“Yes?” she said moving to the bed.

“Where are you sleeping?” Dawn looked up his eyes were half closed.

“I'm not sure” she replied.

“Oh,” Dawn said rolling over to look at her “you can stay here if you can find something to sleep on.

“I'm sure I can find somewhere to stay” Danu smiled brushing damp hair from Dawn's forehead as he nodded. Gabriel lit a cigarette and Dawn sighed reaching over he tugged the vampyres braid.

“What?” Gabriel asked rubbing the back of his head then he realized and handed Dawn the cigarette he lit another one. Dawn sat up slowly.

“How long was I asleep?” he asked

“An hour,” Danu smiled “if that.” Dawn groaned and rubbed his head making his hair stand up even more.

“Gabriel” Sylver's voice shouted “open the door.” Danu reached the door first wrenching it open she froze.

“Loki?” she said standing back to let Deacon and Sylver in, between them the blue scaled daemon hung barely conscious. Dawn pulled himself out of the bed slowly.

“Put him there.” He said holding onto the wall for support. Danu was at the bedside as Gabriel shut the door.

Dawn moved to the kitchen turning the tap on he swore as the water refused to heat up.

“Loki,” Danu was saying “what happened? Loki looked up at her.

“Milady.” He smiled with relief and blood dripped from his mouth, Danu used her cupped hand to catch it as dripped down towards the daemons ear. Gabriel moved to Dawn seeing that he was boiling the kettle Dawn smiled slightly.

“Maybe we can get some answers now.” Dawn's voice was dull and emotionless.

“Be careful” a voice warned Gabriel spun but there was no one there Sylver was frowning at him.

“What is it?” Deacon asked  

“Nothing” Gabriel growled not willing to admit he was hearing things. He looked back at Dawn who was rinsing a cloth in the boiling water before refilling the kettle Sylver took the cloth and the bowl of steaming water from the large daemon. Dawn turned back to the sink bracing his hands on the worktop.

“Loki” Danu said carefully as her daemon stared at her, she gently wiped the blood from his face.

“I couldn’t...” Loki coughed blood bubbling up in his mouth. Sylver helped Danu sit him up.

“Gabriel,” Dawn groaned the vampyre turned to him just as Dawn's eyes rolled up and he fell his head hit the floor with a sickening crack.

The End

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