Strangers and Strange ThingsMature

Danu sat down delicately crossing her legs, Dawn sat beside her, while Gabriel moved to the small kitchenette.

“Gabriel?” Dawn frowned the vampyre looked up at him.

“I see our young prince is uncomfortable with my presence.” Danu smiled.

“No,” Gabriel said “I just don’t trust anyone in this place.”

“Have any of my people harmed you?” Danu asked raising herself off the bed.

“Not in person.” Gabriel said suddenly Dawn growled Gabriel and Danu turned to see him gripping the edge of the mattress his body bent forward, black lines crept over his skin.

“Dawn?” Danu rested her hand on his back. The daemons black eyes opened and he snarled at her.

“You want me to trust you?” Gabriel snapped “tell me what's wrong with him.” Danu frowned looking closely at Dawn even as a low growl built in Dawn's throat.

“Dawn” Danu said softly “look up at me.” Dawn leant back looking at her with shiny black eyes. “Have you tried letting your daemon form out?”

“No” Dawn snarled.

“Maybe it would help.” Danu smiled.

“Not a good idea.” A voice said Gabriel growled looking around for the source of the interruption.

“What is it?” Dawn was looking at him his eyes brown once more.

“Didn’t you hear that?” Gabriel asked his eyes swept the room again.

“Hear what?” Danu asked carefully aware of the vampyres short temper now.

“Nothing” Gabriel said shortly “it doesn’t matter.”

“I wouldn’t let it out in here anyway.” Dawn carried on.

“No?” Danu asked the daemon shook his head biting back a groan of pain.

“It’s too small here, besides I have limited clothes as it is.” Danu smiled.

“You could strip first.” She suggested as Gabriel hoisted himself onto the kitchen side.   

“I am not walking around this place naked” Dawn laughed Danu smiled and knelt in front of him her hands on his cheeks she lifted his face that daemon was pale and shaking.

“I'm not sure what to do with you.” She sighed standing up. Dawn stood and slightly unsteady on his feet he walked to Gabriel.

“Dawn,” Gabriel said quietly “we need too…” Gabriel yelped as Dawn wrapped an arm around his waist and lifted him off the side, Danu laughed at Gabriel's squeak of surprise, automatically Gabriel's legs wrapped around Dawn to stop him falling. Dawn used his free hand to open the cupboard that had been behind Gabriel's head and retrieve his JD bottle. He shut the cupboard and with a wide grin gently put Gabriel back down on the worktop. The vampyre didn’t quite know what to do with himself as Dawn kept his arm wrapped around him.

“Do you two want some privacy?” Danu asked smiling.

“no” Gabriel growled Dawn smiled down at him then with a playful tug on his braid let him go and headed back to the bed.

“What were you saying?” Dawn asked looking at the vampyre. Gabriel felt strange, a bit uncertain about what had just happened.

“I have no idea.” He said. “What about?”

“I don’t know” Dawn smiled at the flustered vampyre. He rested his elbows on his knees and uncapped the bottle.

“Dawn, is that a good idea?” Gabriel growled slightly annoyed now that Dawn had unnerved him so much. Dawn paused the bottle neck an inch from his mouth

"Possibly not" he said then he sat back and proceeded to drain half of what was left in the bottle. Then he lay back resting against the pillows, the bottle hanging from his hand.

Danu looked at Gabriel worry on her face she moved to the bed.

“Dawn?” she said gently the daemon didn’t open his eyes.

“Hm?” he said quietly.

“Do you know how we can help?” she said prying the bottle from his hand.

“Nope” Dawn said “not a clue.” 

The End

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