A Guest in HolehallowMature

Gabriel and Dawn awoke to exited shouting outside their room Dawn groggily looked at his watch.

“Its seven o'clock in the sodding morning” he snarled Gabriel stood and moved to the door shivering slightly as the cold air hit him. Crowds of daemons were milling past the door talking excitedly.

“What’s going on?” Dawn muttered sleepily joining Gabriel by the door.

“No idea.” Gabriel grumbled.

“Hey?” Dawn moved gripping on of the daemons by the arm. “What’s happening?”

“The leader of the Lothorian daemons is here.” The daemon said smiling Dawn's eyebrows rose.

“Really?” he said releasing the daemon who scurried away.

“Who?” Gabriel yawned.

“The Lothorian’s are a branch of daemons that aren’t from the underworld” Dawn said Gabriel frowned.

“How are they daemons then?” he asked wondering at his friends sudden energy as Dawn swiftly got dressed Gabriel followed suit more slowly. Dawn waited almost bouncing from foot to foot as he waited. “Dawn, go. I’ll be there soon.”

“Are you sure?” Dawn asked he stopped his shuffling and looked seriously at Gabriel who just nodded, Dawn grinned. “Come and find me when your ready you’ll love this.” Dawn kissed Gabriel's forehead and before Gabriel could even react Dawn was gone.

Gabriel growled to himself as he saw the crowds in the Atrium he headed to the usual table seeing Sylver and the others.

“Hey” he said moving out of the crowds way as a group of daemons pushed past.

“Hi” Sylver yawned the others all looked exhausted. “Have you seen our guest yet?” Gabriel shook his head.

“You should,” Morgan said “she's beautiful.” Murmurs of agreement travelled around the table.

“I have to find Dawn before he panics about where I am.” Gabriel sighed as he realized the large daemon wasn’t at the table.

“He's over there.” Maxwell said “at the centre of the mad rush.” He pointed to a tight crowd and Gabriel growled.

“Well, wish me luck” he muttered

“You’ll need it to get through that.” Morgan said resting her head on her arms and closing her eyes. Gabriel took a breath and walked away towards the crowd.


The daemons pushed and shoved as Gabriel tried to get through, his annoyance rose with his dislike of the crowd and his magick flared.

“Well,” Deacon laughed “no one quite makes an entrance like Gabriel.” The daemons pushed, to get away from the electricity that crackled around Gabriel, clearing the path between him and the newcomer.


The new inhabitant of Holehallow looked up as the daemons shrieked and shouted then she smiled as Gabriel came to the table. Behind him the daemons closed ranks again. The woman stood taller than Gabriel.

“This must be Gabriel,” she said as he sat down the electricity dying down as Gabriel calmed slightly.

“Gabriel,” Dawn smiled “this is Vandanu”

“Danu” the woman smiled her hand out he wrapped his claws around her fingers for a second then let go.

“Hi” he said he could see what the others meant Danu was stunning a tight blue dress complimented the red and purple scales that covered her body her deep brown hair was tucked back behind two small pointed ears. Gabriel noted that the tips of her fingers were clawed and when she smiled she had two sharp eye teeth.

“Sorry, Danu.” Dawn smiled “that’s how he usually likes to say hello. Gabriel, its rude to stare.” The vampyre glared at him.

“Don’t be sorry,” Danu smiled “I'm more than used to it.” Gabriel growled as the daemons around them pushed closer the noise was deafening.

“Can we adjourn somewhere a little more private?” Danu said.

“Sure.” Dawn stood and the daemons backed off parting reluctantly to let them through. Gabriel moved towards the table where the others sat but Danu rested a cold hand on his shoulder.

“I wish you to join us, if that’s okay.” she smiled Gabriel shrugged and changed direction again.



The End

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