A Plan?Mature

Sylver slammed his hands down on the table making the few around him jump.

“Sylver?” Raoul frowned.

“What is it?” Morgan asked as Sylver stood up he turned and ran through the Atrium towards the bedrooms the others all followed quickly wondering what was happening.


Dawn almost dropped his coffee as Sylver and the others burst in, Gabriel sat up.

“What the Hell? Do you want to knock next time?”

“Gabriel,” Sylver panted “its chloroform”

“What?” Gabriel stood up.

“The smell from that room, chloroform” Sylver growled impatiently. Gabriel gripped Sylver's shoulders.

“Are you positive?” he asked calmly, Sylver nodded as the rest of the group started muttering.

“We need to leave” a voice came from near the door and the group all began to argue.

“Quiet,” Dawn stood coffee in hand “QUIET.” He shouted the group all fell silent turning to look at the daemon seeing the shiny black eyes and the black lines that sped over Dawn's skin. The daemon was taller his head almost brushing the ceiling.

“Dawn?” Morgan stepped forward she stopped just out of the daemons reach. “What should we do?” Dawn slowly shrank back down the black lines slowing their mad rush and his eyes turned back to their usual deep brown. He looked at his hand coffee and blood dripped from between his fingers. He sighed opening his hand the pieces of enamel that weren’t buried in his palm fell to the floor. Gabriel saw Dawn's face change from angry to sad.

“We cant leave.” He said dully.

“Why not?” Raoul asked carefully.

“Allegra” Dawn sighed “we can’t leave her.”

“That’s true” Daryll agreed.

“I say we check out that room,” Raoul said “find out what's happening here.”  Dawn glared at him.

“Who?” Gabriel asked.

“Sylver has to lead the way.” Dawn said suddenly smiling at Morgan as she used a wet cloth from the sink to start cleaning his hand.

“Dawn, you're not well enough.” Sylver said as Dawn opened his mouth again, Dawn growled.

“I am fine, I can take care of myself.”

“I know you can,” Sylver said “but that doesn't change the fact that you're not yourself right now.” Dawn closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“No, it doesn’t” he agreed, “fine”

“So, Sylver.” Raoul said “who else?”

“Me” Deacon said Raoul nodded.

“And me” Gabriel said Dawn's growl was low and Morgan patted his arm.

“I think three is enough, just to see what's going on.” Dawn said Raoul looked at him.

“He’s right.”

“Lets go then” Sylver smiled.

“No” Dawn snapped, “tomorrow, you all need to feed first, just in case.”

“That’s very true.” Sylver nodded he started ushering the others out quickly as Morgan began gently pulling bits of china from Dawn's hand. Sylver stayed behind and Dawn pulled away from Morgan heading over to the kitchen he stuck his hand under the tap and flicked the kettle on again.

“Gabriel” Morgan said quietly, “you need to feed, you're pale.”

“I’m always pale,” Gabriel smiled “and who am I supposed to feed from?”

“I can do it.” Dawn said turning around, a tea towel wrapped around his hand.

“Dawn you're ill” Sylver said from near the door.

“I'm not ill, just a bit run down.”

“Dawn,” Gabriel said “we can talk about that in a moment.” He paused. “Morgan I think you should come with us.”

“Why?” Dawn asked feeling a little left out.

“She can pick locks.” Gabriel said Sylver nodded and Morgan smiled.

“So I can” she said.
“That’s true” Dawn agreed “we want as few signs as possible that you’ve been there.”

“I can’t lock them again.” Morgan sighed.

“Don’t worry as long as you don’t break anything, I guarantee Gabriel was planning on kicking the door in.” Dawn sat down with his new coffee and Gabriel looked at him discreetly. His friend looked tired shallow lines around his eyes and mouth made him look a lot older than before.

"Well, on that note.” Sylver stood up. “Come on, Morgan, I’ll walk you back.” She nodded and quickly hugged Gabriel then she wrapped a careful arm around Dawn.

“Get some sleep, both of you.” She said quietly she stood “night” she smiled following Sylver from the room. 

The End

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