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Dawn walked to the bed letting the towel drop on the way, he knew Gabriel was nearby but didn’t really care, he sat down picking his bag up. Gabriel looked at the daemons back as Dawn searched through his bag. The lines were pale, only just visible under the daemons skin.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said as Dawn stood pulling clean jeans on, Gabriel looked away. Dawn sat down again before he answered.


“Is everything okay?” Gabriel's voice was quiet. Dawn looked sharply at him and saw the worry on his friends face.

“Its fine” he growled tugging on a zip up hoodie, Gabriel sighed.

 “Will she be okay?” he asked looking at the gap under the door where Allegra had left. Dawn stood he moved slowly his breath hitching slightly he rested one hand gently on Gabriel's shoulder, the other ran over the silver hair stopping at the base of the vampyres neck, he smiled.

“She’ll be fine.” He said calmly.

“And you?” Gabriel asked Dawn pulled the little vampyre to him wrapping his arms properly around him.

“I’ll be okay too.” Dawn said resting his cheek on the top of Gabriel's head. The daemon smiled as one of Gabriel's arms folded up his back, holding Dawn tightly.

“Can Amarantine help?” Gabriel mumbled against Dawn's chest.

“If he can’t he’ll know someone who can.” Dawn said.


Allegra flitted up the sloped passage to the trapdoor they had entered Holehallow through. The guard with the gun yawned then he huffed and looked at his watch. Allegra saw a chink of daylight and quickly wriggled her way out. She stopped working out her direction and her scream was cut off by the fingers that wrapped around her.


Gabriel spent the morning in the tunnel after Dawn insisted that he went. Gabriel was glad of the distraction and the tired diggers were glad of the energy and speed that he worked. They smiled and waved him off as the bell that sounded the lunch break rang down the tunnel.


Sylver watched Dawn discreetly peering over the top of his book as he read the same line over and over without taking it in. Dawn lay on the bed his eyes closed, a pair of headphones in his ears, his mouth moved to the music he could hear. Every so often the daemons muscles would tense and the black lines writhed across his skin then vanished. The daemon had growled a few times, usually making Sylver jump but mostly he was quiet.

Sylver read the line again and looked up as the door opened.

“Hi” he said snapping the book closed Gabriel smiled tiredly then looked at Dawn and raised his eyebrows in question.

“He’s been fine, a few blips but nothing serious.” Gabriel nodded.


“I better get back to Deacon.” He said tucking the book under his arm then rested his hand on Gabriel's muddy shoulder. “He told me about Allegra, will she be alright?”

“I hope so.” Sylver nodded then looked at Dawn.

“Will we be?” he said dully Gabriel wrapped a dirty arm around his brother, but didn’t answer.





The End

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