Problems and PlansMature

The next morning Gabriel awoke to see his own breath forming white mist in the air, he was shivering too. He sat up to see Dawn standing by the open door.

“Dawn?” Gabriel managed through chattering teeth. The daemon looked over at him and smiled.

“Hey, sweetie.” He said.

“What’s going on?” Gabriel asked wrapping the blanket around himself and shuffled to the door. Dawn smiled and wrapped an arm around him, Gabriel smiled slightly as he felt heat radiating from the daemon.

“I'm waiting for that Guide guy” Dawn said looking up and down the corridor “he went to see what was going on but hasn’t come back, he's been around half an hour now.” He looked back down the corridor that led to the Atrium then turned as they heard footfalls approaching.

“What’s happening?” Morgan asked she was bundled up in a thick jumper and her coat, Chrys, Maxwell, Deacon, Allegra and Daryll were with her.

“The boiler has broken down.” A voice said from behind them they all turned to see the Guide casually walking down the corridor, Dawn frowned.

“Is that all?” he asked, Gabriel turned to look at the daemon hearing something odd in Dawn's tone.

“The maintenance team are fixing it now.” The Guide smiled his green eyes looking around at the group.

“What’s your name?” Morgan asked suddenly, he looked surprised for a moment.

“Truan” he smiled at her, “you're the first to ask me that.” Gabriel felt the rumble in Dawn's chest as Truan said goodbye and walked away.

“Dawn?” he muttered but the daemon pulled away and quickly went to the bathroom slamming the door and locking it.

“What’s with him?” Maxwell asked.

“He’ll be okay” Gabriel growled Morgan got the hint.

“Come on,” she said “I say we keep warm and wait for the boiler to be fixed in our rooms.” Gabriel smiled at her.


Dawn braced his hands on the sides of the sink. His stomach rose and he swayed slightly. Cautiously he swallowed a handful of water from the tap, he smiled a little as the nauseous feeling settled. Stripping his long sleeved jumper off he saw the black lines crawling over his chest and arms. Someone knocked on the door and he snarled the lines sped up.

“Dawn?” Allegra’s voice called through the door.

“What?” Dawn's snarl was almost bestial. Outside the door Allegra started slightly and looked at Gabriel who was frowning and moving towards the bathroom door.

“Are you well?” Allegra asked warily Gabriel stopped as she held up a hand to stop him.

“Fine, I’ll be out in a moment.” He called his voice normal again.

“Okay.” Allegra moved to Gabriel who was sat back on the bed. “The sooner Amarantine gets here the better.” She whispered. “I don’t know enough to help”

“What if Amarantine doesn't get here?” Gabriel asked Allegra sighed then she straightened up.

“I'm going.” She said tensely, she stood again.

“Don’t leave yet, I’ll walk you back to your room.” Gabriel said “once we know he's okay.” Allegra looked at Gabriel trying to process what he'd said.

“You think I mean leaving the room, don’t you?”

“Yes?” he said slowly.

“No,” Allegra smiled “I'm leaving Holehallow.”
“You cant, no one can without alerting the whole place.”

“Not true” she smiled as the bathroom door opened and Dawn came out his jumper over one arm and a towel around his waist. “I can get out undetected.” Gabriel looked at Dawn who was pale and looked tired.

“Are you sure?” Dawn asked his speech was slurred and slow, Allegra nodded.

“First though.” She said “lets look you over.” Dawn raised the hand that wasn’t holding his towel up.

“I’ll be fine, Amarantine's good with sickly daemons, I can wait.” Allegra looked at him about to argue, then she nodded slowly.

“Alright.” She said moving to him she laid one hand on the side of his face, hiding her surprise at the heat that radiated from under the layer of cold sweat. “I’ll find him.”

“Be careful” Dawn said “Allegra nodded and kissed his cheek letting him go her body shrank down until she was around two inches tall.

Gabriel watched her flutter up to him and he put his hand out for her.

“Look after him.” she said inside his head, Gabriel nodded.

“Good luck” he muttered Allegra flew up and kissed the tip of the vampyres nose. Then she was gone squeezing under the small gap beneath the door.










The End

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