What's Wrong With DawnMature

Gabriel jumped as the bedroom door slammed open, Dawn froze as he saw Gabriel standing by the bathroom door.

“Where the hell have you been?” Dawn shouted dust floated down from the ceiling as the floor trembled. Gabriel frowned not even flinching at the angry display. He looked at the daemon for a moment longer then he noticed the large group behind him.

“Just out” he said quietly picking his bag up, Sylver pushed past Dawn.

“We’ve been worried sick” he snapped.

“Can’t I even go out now?” Gabriel growled.

“Not alone” Allegra joined in her voice quiet compared to Dawn and Sylver.

“I wasn’t, Mason knew where I was.”

“You’ve seen Mason?” Dawn said his volume lower now.

“This morning, yes” Gabriel frowned “I thought he'd tell you where I was.”

“He would have.” Dawn said his hands clenched to hide his shaking fingers as he forced his daemon form away.

“But?” Gabriel asked.

“He and Loki are missing.”

“What?” Gabriel snarled.

“We thought you had gone too.” Morgan said she walked to Gabriel wrapping her arms around him, he rested one awkward hand on her shoulder.

“I'm okay” he said quietly to her.

“You’re filthy” she grumbled pulling back but not letting go.

“Come on” Sylver said ushering the crowd outside the door away. “Shows over.” There were sounds of protest but slowly the crowd dispersed heading back to their rooms. Sylver smiled slightly as he closed the door leaving Morgan, Gabriel and Sylver alone.

Gabriel was indeed filthy, mud streaked his skin and clothes, sweat made the few strands of loose hair, that framed his face, stick together. Dawn was sat on the bed breathing hard.

“Dawn?” Morgan frowned turning to him.

“Give me a minute.” The daemon said the black lines were slowly retreating from his eyes but they still lazily crawled over his tanned skin, Morgan nodded.   

“So where have you been?” she asked turning back to Gabriel.

“The tunnel” Gabriel said “I was helping.” Dawn looked at him but said nothing. “Dawn?”

“I'm fine leave it.” Dawn said his voice was strained his body jerked and he winced. Gabriel crossed the room kneeling down in front of the daemon that looked down at him.

“Bullshit.” Gabriel growled at him.

“It’s fine.” Dawn snapped “just a big adrenaline rush that’s all.”

“I've never seen you like this even after you’ve been fighting.” Dawn settled his hand on Gabriel's clawed one just as his muscles contracted making him grip the vampyres claws tightly.

“Go and get cleaned up, sweetie” he managed “we’ll talk when you get out.” Gabriel waited for a moment for Dawn to let him go.

“Okay” he said standing up his own body tired from a day of physical labour. He moved to Morgan who was looking worriedly at Dawn. “Could you make him a drink?” Gabriel asked quietly, she nodded and Gabriel smiled and headed to the bathroom.  



The End

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