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Sylver had begun to drum his fingers on the table top. Everyone in the group was at the tables now and not one of them ad heard from Gabriel that day.

“What time is it?” Sylver asked Dawn.

“A minute later than when you just asked me.” Dawn growled Sylver's green eyes grew darker as the vampyre glared at him. “Its ten past two.” Dawn snapped.

“Where is he?” Morgan sighed.



Mason hurried to dawn and Gabriel's room and knocked loudly.

“Come on” he grumbled banging hard on the wood.

“Mason?” a voice said he turned to see a tall, willowy daemon, his blue scales shone strangely in the dim electric lights.

“Loki, Where's Dawn?” Mason asked hurriedly.

“In the Atrium.” Loki replied frowning Mason ran past him and the blue daemon followed quickly.


Five o’clock came slowly for the group, Dawn looked up as a small daemon hurried over to him.

“sire.” Timothy inclined his head.

“Hey” dawn frowned as Timothy tried to slow his breathing.

“The daemons, the ones who are meant to be following people?”

“Yes?” Dawn said.

“they cant find Loki or Mason.”

“Shit” Dawn swore standing up black lines began to slither over his skin and Timothy blanched slightly.

“No one’s seen them this afternoon.” Timothy added.

“Loki’s following me isn’t he?” Sylver asked dawn nodded then he began to walk towards the exit. The others quickly followed taking advantage of the quickly moving daemons as they hurried to get out of Dawn's path.

“Thanks” Morgan said to Timothy as she passed he nodded and hurried back to his group.

The End

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