Gabriel's Missing?Mature


The next morning Dawn stretched out his arm feeling for Gabriel in the dark, the bed was empty. The daemon sat up his magick flaring lighting the room a brilliant blue.

“Gabriel?” he called the bathroom door was open the little room dark too. Dawn leapt out of bed then he paused making himself calm down. ‘He’s fine’ he told himself ‘he's gone to see one of the others is all’ he forced himself to get dressed calmly.


Sylver was already awake and in the atrium when Dawn came over to him.

“Morning” Sylver said groggily, then frowned as he looked up and saw the tense daemon. “Now what's happened?”

“Have you seen Gabriel?” Dawn asked keeping his voice low.

“Not since yesterday” Sylver said seriously.

“Good morning boys.” Morgan yawned sitting down on the bench opposite Sylver.

“Rough night?” Sylver asked Morgan smiled tiredly.

“The heating in my rooms gone mad it was boiling all night” she yawned again then looked seriously at Sylver. “How are you after yesterday?”

“Fine” Sylver nodded “a little disoriented and my moth tastes like copper no matter what I do but fine all the same.” Suddenly Dawn covered his ears and grimaced.

“Dawn?” Sylver stood.

“It’s fine.” Dawn said lowering his hands “gods your mother can shout” he said looking at Morgan, the young daemon grinned.
“I know” she said.

“Everyone’s accounted for except Gabriel.” Dawn turned but Sylver caught his wrist.

“He’s gone to train somewhere that’s all.” The vampyre said firmly. “leave him.”

“But…” Dawn frowned.

“Sylver's right.” Morgan said “besides Mason’s following him still isn’t he?” Dawn nodded “and he is capable of taking care of himself, isn’t he?” Dawn sighed.

“I know, I just worry.” Dawn patted Dawn's shoulder.

“So do we but we have also learnt to leave him be.” Dawn looked up as Raoul, Deacon and Malachi came over.


Gabriel found himself lost quickly.

“Shit” he growled to himself someone laughed behind him.

“Lost again?” Gabriel spun around his hands raised but relaxed a little when he saw Mason.

“Following me again?” he grumbled.

“Doing my job” Mason shrugged “now where are you heading?”

“The tunnel” Gabriel said waiting to see the response Mason merely raised an eyebrow.

“Follow me” he said Gabriel nodded.





The End

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