Morgan's findingsMature

Gabriel growled grumpily and lay back down as Dawn grinned the red flush vanishing slowly.

“So what's going on?” Morgan smiled.
“Didn’t Allegra tell you?” Dawn asked.

“No deacon did but we’re checking in and asking questions.” Morgan sat on the end of the bed and Chrys sat down beside her. “By the way you might want this” she handed a folded sheet of paper to Dawn.

“What is it?” he asked unfolding it.

“A list of the people who are AWOL” she said.

“How did you get them so fast?” Dawn frowned

“We’ve known for days that something wasn’t right” she said “Chrys noticed first and we told Sylver but he didn’t seem interested for some reason, so we thought that we would get some proof first”

“That’s were you two have been” Dawn smiled “I did wonder.”

“We’ve been busy” Chrys said quietly Morgan smiled at him.

“We found out about a tunnel too” Morgan said.

“We know” Dawn and Gabriel both said together.

“Oh” Morgan said slightly disappointed then she smiled again “well we should leave you to whatever you were doing”

“Okay” Dawn said yawning.

“Don’t stay up too late” Morgan grinned.

“I'm too tired to stay up late” Dawn sighed Morgan smiled at the shape beneath the covers on the bed that was Gabriel.

“Fair enough” Morgan said “goodnight” she left quickly Dawn heard her snigger as she walked out and Chrys gave a little wave as he followed her.

“Bye” deacon said as he shut the door.



Dawn looked down at the list in his hand and his heart sank as he saw Sydney's name near the bottom, there were a few others he could put faces too and he sighed folding the list and putting it in his pocket.


The End

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