Threats and FlirtsMature

Gabriel ran down the corridors following Dawn mason jogged behind them they reached Sylver and Deacons room quickly. Sylver lay on the bed pale and out cold a strange daemon was holding a wet cloth on the vampyres forehead.

“Loki” Dawn growled. “What happened?”

“I don’t know sire” the daemon Loki said “I was following him and he just sat down and passed out.” Suddenly Sylver's eyes snapped open and he sat up sharply.

“Gabriel” he shouted Gabriel moved to the bed he sat down next to his brother.

“I'm here” Gabriel said quietly. “What happened?” Sylver frowned and shook his head.

“I don’t know” Sylver said “but that smell…”

“What smell?” Gabriel questioned.

“I don’t know” Sylver said again he gripped the sides of his head hi fingers digging into his scalp Gabriel wrapped an arm around his twins shoulders.

“Its okay” he said “Dawn.” The daemon walked over to them. “Has everyone got someone following them?” Dawn flushed slightly.

“Yes” he said “but I did it for…”

“I don’t care” Gabriel snapped “make damn sure you trust all of them” Dawn nodded “no ones to go anywhere on their own.”

“I agree” Deacon said coming out of the bathroom. “There’s something very wrong with this place”

“State the obvious Deacon” Gabriel growled “people are getting hurt now”

“And going missing” Dawn added.

“What?” Gabriel snapped.

“More than justSydney” Dawn sighed “over a hundred have gone missing” he said.

“Okay we’re leaving” Gabriel said.

“We cant” Dawn said “not without alerting everyone and no offence Gabriel but my daemons are disappearing and I want to know why”

“Add to that” Sylver's voice was muffled by Gabriel's shirt and he gently pushed his brother away. “Mothers still on the war path and by now she's going to be really pissed off”

“It’s her isn’t it?” Gabriel snarled he stood up and ran his hands over his hair as he walked a few steps away from everyone.

“Leave us” Dawn said quietly to Loki and mason they left quickly shutting the door. “Gabriel” Dawn said.

“What?” Gabriel shouted at him Dawn strode over to him and wrapped his arms around the vampyre he watched as Deacon did the same with Sylver. Dawn could feel Gabriel's anger coursing though him.

“I'm sorry I shouted” Gabriel said his voice was strained as he tried to speak calmly Dawn pulled him tighter to his chest.

“Its okay” Dawn smiled “I understand”

“Sire?” Deacon said from the bed.

“Yes?” Dawn turned his head to look at the daemon.

“I know it all treats us like children but I think while we’re here everyone should make sure they check in with either you or Gabriel as much as possible.” Dawn nodded.

“Sounds good” he said “Sylver are you alright?” Dawn asked the vampyre nodded and Dawn smiled as he felt Gabriel relax slightly. “Good lock the door behind us” Deacon nodded too and Dawn let Gabriel go.

“See you later” Deacon said “I’ll pass the message to the others via Allegra she's the only one who can speak to all of us at once.” Dawn smiled and he and Gabriel left.


Gabriel sat heavily on the bed back in their room.

“Hey” Dawn said he tried to smile

“We’re never going to be left alone are we?” Gabriel sighed.

“We will if I have anything to do with it.” Dawn growled he pulled the half full bottle of Jack Daniels from the kitchen cupboard and looked at the amber liquid. “Fancy one?” he asked

“I think I need one” he said taking the mug from the daemon.

“Me too” Dawn grinned not bothering with a mug he drank straight from the bottle. Gabriel downed his in one go and put his mug down on the bedside table then he stood and walked to his side of the bed picking up his bag.

“Dawn eyes away” he said quietly Dawn smiled slightly and sat down on the bed his back to the vampyre.


“Alright” Gabriel said a few moments later as he climbed into bed Dawn put the bottle down and turned to Gabriel laying down on the top of the covers looking at Gabriel.

“It’ll be okay” he said.

“You always say that” Gabriel grumbled not returning the daemons smile.

“That’s true” Dawn said brushing the vampyres hair away from his face. “And I still mean it” Gabriel sighed and Dawn wrapped his arm around him as best as he could. “I promise.” Gabriel laughed bitterly.

“How can you promise that?” Gabriel asked “unless you know something I don’t”

“I swear I’ll make sure of it” Dawn said “I want to see you happy again.”

“I'm rarely happy Dawn” Gabriel said.

“You’re rarely miserable either” Dawn smiled “I’d settle for a happy medium” Gabriel couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s the sound I've missed” Dawn smiled. Suddenly Allegra's voice came loud and clear in his mind he saw Gabriel wince too.

“Everyone is too report to Gabriel or Dawn three times a day until future notice. Any questions go to them.” The woman’s voice was harsh and forceful unlike her normal gentle tones.

“No need to shout” Dawn grumbled he rolled off the bed and grabbed his bag pulling his night clothes from it. “Eyes away sweetie” he grinned at Gabriel who closed his eyes. “I was joking” Dawn said laughing gently.

Someone knocked on the door and Gabriel opened his eyes as Dawn padded barefoot to the door in tracksuit bottoms.

“Hey guys” Morgan smiled she looked at Dawn as Chrys and Deacon came in behind her. “So Gabriel, why do you keep turning Dawn down?”

“What?” Gabriel growled sitting up.

“He’s gorgeous” Morgan grinned Dawn flushed a deep pink and quickly pulled on his hoodie.

“Any normal child would be very embarrassed by now” Gabriel grumbled laying back down again.

“I've seen you two enough that it doesn't bother me anymore” Morgan grinned.

“Huh?” Gabriel mumbled from the bed.

“You two are flirting constantly so I don’t take much notice anymore.”

“We are not” Gabriel growled sitting back up quickly Morgan just raised her thin eyebrows and smiled.

The End

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