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Gabriel awoke to an empty bed and the sound of running water. He groaned and swung his legs out of bed as the water stopped and the bathroom door opened.

“Morning” Dawn said Gabriel mumbled something incoherent and Dawn laughed. “I love you in the mornings” he grinned.

“I thought you loved me anyway” Gabriel grumbled.

“I do” Dawn smiled “but for some weird reason it’s nice to wake up to your bad mood” Gabriel glared at him. “I know I know” Dawn said “I'm weird”

“Yes you are” Gabriel said stretching Dawn sighed.

“Anyway I'm going to see what I can find out today” he said.

“Alright” Gabriel said “did you want any company?” Dawn smiled.

“As tempting as it is” he said “I’d better go alone some of the daemons still don’t trust you” Dawn used his fingers to comb his short damp hair back.

“True” Gabriel said. “I’ll probably go for a walk then” he stood and picked his bag up as Dawn made himself a coffee.

“Don’t get into any trouble” Dawn smiled as the vampyre headed for the bathroom.

“I wont” Gabriel growled shutting the bathroom door.


An hour later Gabriel had his coat and boots on the swords strapped to the back of his belt just in case. He strolled down the corridor making a mental note not to go the same way as last time. A myriad of intersections soon had him confused and he stopped looking back the way he'd come then he shrugged he could always ask for directions then again how lost could he get.

He carried on walking his mind wandering too when he heard someone stumble and swear softly behind him. He spun around the lights on the wall beside him flaring.

“Sorry didn’t mean to startle you” a thin, handsome daemon came out from around the corner. He smiled and Gabriel saw a set of razor sharp teeth.

“S'alright” Gabriel mumbled.

“I'm Mason” the daemon held a hand out and Gabriel noted the three sharp claws almost the same as his own.

“Gabriel” the vampyre said releasing the daemons hand.

“Well Gabriel” Mason said “I'm going to be perfectly honest about one thing at least. I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on you but I don’t think you really need it do you?”

“Who asked you?” Gabriel frowned.

“Do you really need to ask that?” Mason grinned.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled.

“In one” Mason said “but he only wants to make sure you're safe all of your friends have a guard too.”    

“Well you're right I don’t need one” Gabriel said turning and beginning to walk again Mason caught up with him.

“How about a guide instead you seem lost”

“I'm not lost I just don’t know where I am” Gabriel said “there’s a difference.”

“Very well” Mason laughed and Gabriel felt the sound in his bones. “Then how about I show you around then buy you a drink?” Gabriel frowned. “A congratulations on winning your fight yesterday” Gabriel looked at him for a moment then he shrugged.

“Okay” he said Mason grinned at him and led the way down the corridor Gabriel followed watching the daemon carefully.


Sylver was doing the same thing as his twin he wandered down a corridor and frowned as he found a set of steps. He looked around to make sure no one was around he hurried down them to find a single corridor that led to a heavy door. He pushed on it but the solid wood didn’t budge in its metal frame.

He bent down to look through the keyhole and looked into the blackness on the other side he sighed then he sniffed something smelt strange it was a smell he knew but he couldn’t place it he shook his head. Then unsure why he turned and headed back along the corridor his head was beginning to swim he wanted to lay down and get some sleep he sat on the bottom step leaning his head against the wall closing his eyes.


Mason laughed as he played pool against the tiny daemon called Timothy who had to stand on a barstool to even see over the table. Gabriel sat at the bar nearby a glass of Jack Daniels sat on the bar beside him Holehallow's blood supply hadn’t been tempting as Mason had asked what he wanted. Timothy lined his shot up potting the black ball and ending the game.

“Fancy a go?” Mason asked Gabriel.

“I don’t know how to play” Gabriel replied.

“No time like the present” Mason grinned Gabriel shrugged and took his coat off laying it on the barstool as he stood up.



Two games and two spectacular losses later and Gabriel sat back down.

“I don’t think it’s my sort of game” he said he didn’t mention that he had been watching Mason's clawed hands through most of the games.

“On the contrary” a voice came from the doorway “you look good playing” Dawn came into the room Gabriel growled.

“Sire” Mason greeted Dawn smiled and nodded at the daemon.

“Your problem Gabriel” Dawn continued “is your stance. Come here.” Gabriel stood up and walked slowly to the daemon. Dawn turned him around by the shoulders and swung a cue from the rack near him into Gabriel's hands. He leant down and pulled Gabriel's right leg backwards and standing straight he put a hand between Gabriel's shoulder blades and bent him forward.

“I feel ridiculous” Gabriel grumbled.

“I don’t care I've got a good view” Dawn grinned Gabriel straightened instantly and swung the piece of wood in his hands Dawn ducked just in time.

“That is how you're supposed to stand” Mason smiled coming over to them. “Undignified I know but he's right.” Gabriel glared at him.

Suddenly the floor lurched beneath the vampyres feet Dawn caught him as he stumbled.

“Sylver” Gabriel hissed.

“Are you alright?” Mason asked seriously.

“I'm fine” Gabriel said pulling away from Dawn.

“Sire” a daemon appeared in the doorway.

“What is it?” Dawn asked turning to him.
“Loki asked me to find you and Gabriel” the daemon panted. 

The End

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