Dawn's Worries are Just BeginningMature

Gabriel settled back into the bed and watched Dawn as he let Raoul out.

“Not a word to anyone” Dawn growled.

“I know I'm not stupid” the vampyre smiled at Gabriel before the door was shut and locked.

“So that’s what's been wrong” Dawn mumbled to himself before switching on the kettle.

“So how long are you planning on staying up?” Gabriel asked.

“Do you want me in bed that badly?” Dawn grinned.

“No I want the damn lights off” Gabriel said frowning.

“I’ll just have this and get a shower” Dawn said smiling. “Then I’ll be with you” he bought his mug to the bedside table and set it down before sitting down on the bed.
“Dawn?” Gabriel lifted himself up on his elbow.


“Why don’t you like Raoul?” Dawn laughed.

“A lot of reasons” he said tugging his boots off.

“Like?” Gabriel asked lying back and looking up at the ceiling as Dawn stripped his shirt off.

“Like he's an asshole” Dawn said Gabriel looked over as Dawn twisted to look at him the daemon sighed. “I just think he's a coward is all”

“For what?”

“A lot of things” Dawn evaded the question again.

“Dawn if you want your neck to match your wrist then carry on being a dick” Gabriel growled Dawn turned away to hide his smile.

“I wouldn’t mind” he mumbled “I just think that he gets people into trouble and then he legs it and leaves them to face it.”

“Dawn?” Gabriel was looking at the tanned skin of Dawn's back just above the daemons waistband. “I didn’t realize she got you too”
“What?” Dawn frowned Gabriel reached over the bed and touched the deep scars on Dawn's back the daemon hissed.

“Sorry” Gabriel snatched his hand back.

“S'alright” Dawn turned and smiled sadly at him. “But they're not what you think they are” Gabriel frowned.

“Then what are they?” Dawn smiled properly this time.

“A different lifetime” he said quietly “and a thousand memories ago”

“Huh?” Gabriel looked confused.

“In other words they don’t matter anymore” Dawn said.

“You have to be the strangest person I've ever met”

“I know” Dawn laughed he twisted properly kneeling on the bed. “I’ll tell you one day when we have nothing else to worry about.”

“You mean never” Gabriel grumbled.

“It’ll happen” Dawn laid a hand on Gabriel's face. “I promise”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep” Gabriel growled Dawn smiled.

“I promise” he said again running a hand over Gabriel's hair.

“Dawn” the vampyre warned.

“I know” Dawn said he moved off the bed and picked his bag up heading for the bathroom. Gabriel looked at the closed bathroom door for a moment a frown on his face.


Dawn shook his wet hair out of his eyes and pulled his tracksuit bottoms on then picking his bag up he pocketed the ruined bandage that had been around his wrist and left the bathroom.

He threw the bloody bandage into the small bin in the kitchen and looked over at the bed Gabriel was staring at the ceiling his hands behind his head.

“Anything wrong?” Dawn asked putting his bag down.

“Just thinking” Gabriel said vaguely.

“About anything in particular?” he drank his still warm coffee in one go and put the cup in the kitchen.

“Home” the vampyre said.

“We’ll be there soon” Dawn said.

“If it’s still standing.” Gabriel sighed.

“It’ll be fine” Dawn his palm his magick giving the room a strange blue tinge and flicked off the light he heard Gabriel sigh as he made his way to the bed. The vampyre rolled over facing the daemon as he got into bed Dawn saw Gabriel's eyes flash for a moment as they quickly reflected the light of his magick. “Amarantine can fix anything that is broken” Dawn said putting his fire out as he shifted trying to get comfortable.

“He’s still not here” Gabriel said.

“I know” Dawn sighed “its one of the things that’s been worrying me for a little while now.” Dawn felt his heart skip as Gabriel's cold claws wrapped around the top of his left arm he smiled and lay his hand over Gabriel's.

“Goodnight Dawn” Gabriel closed his eyes.

“Goodnight” Dawn said quietly.

The End

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