Old Rivals and a New Friendship?Mature

Gabriel stepped out of the shower after a few minutes shivering badly the water still hadn’t been fixed. He pulled on his night clothes and quickly left the bathroom Dawn was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed on the thin blanket.

“Boots off the bed” Gabriel growled “and what's wrong?” he added.

“Sorry” Dawn said swinging his feet back down onto the floor. “I'm just thinking about this place” Dawn sighed lighting a cigarette Gabriel moved to the bed trying not to let his teeth chatter. “Just trying to work out what else could be wrong”

“Fair enough” Gabriel said sitting down.

“You’re making the bed shake” Dawn smiled at him “you and the cold really don’t mix well do you?”

“No they do not” Gabriel grumbled climbing under the covers.

Someone knocked on the door and Gabriel growled Dawn sighed and stood up opening the door.

“What do you want?” the daemon snarled Gabriel twisted around to see Raoul standing in the doorway.

“I found a few things out actually” Raoul snapped pushing past Dawn who growled and slammed the door shut again.

“What?” Dawn said harshly turning to see Gabriel and Raoul watching him.

“And you say my mood swings are bad” Gabriel smiled settling back down under the covers Raoul sniggered.

“Well he smiled sitting on Dawn's side of the bed Gabriel saw the daemons frown deepen. “Firstly I found out that there's a tunnel being dug”

“What?” Gabriel frowned too.

“A tunnel to one of the other sanctuaries” Raoul said “not that we knew there were others”

“I did” Dawn said quietly Gabriel and Raoul looked at him for a moment. “No one could get to them quickly enough” Dawn sighed and looked embarrassed “I screwed that one up a bit” he looked at the floor.

“And?” Gabriel asked Raoul.

“And I've worked out what's been bugging me since we got here” Raoul paused and Gabriel saw Dawn's fists clench.

“Anytime today Raven” Dawn's voice was calm.

“Sydney” Raoul said simply.

“What about him?” Gabriel asked Dawn's eyes widened.

“He’s not here” he said slowly.

“Exactly” Raoul's smiled.

“Should he be?” Gabriel asked he was getting confused.

“He arrived with Balthazar and a few others but no ones seen him since.” Dawn's face twisted into a frown.

“So what do we do?” Raoul asked.

“Couldn’t he have just left?” Gabriel asked Dawn shook his head.

“Only one daemon has left since we’ve been here and no one before that” Dawn twisted his fingers as he thought. “Raven go and get some sleep.”

“What?” Raoul growled.

“Go and get some sleep” Dawn repeated he looked at Gabriel “you too”

“What about you?” Gabriel asked.

“I’ll go and ask around and see if I can find anything” he said slowly.

“No” Gabriel growled Dawn looked at him surprised. “The daemons are either too drunk or in bed by now and we preferably want to be subtle”

“He’s right” Raoul agreed. “If something is going on then we don’t know who is involved and how. We need to be careful.”

“Not that I like to agree with you Raven” Dawn sighed “but you're right.”

“I know” Raoul grinned he ducked avoiding Dawn's half joking slap “missed” he grinned his arms flailed as Gabriel kicked him off the end of the bed.

“Stop bitching” he growled and smacked Dawn around the head “you too” Raoul smiled as he picked himself up. “When are you two actually going to get along?”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen” Raoul said. “is it?” he looked at Dawn.

“Keep using your brain and I might rethink it” Dawn said Raoul smiled.

“Deal” he said   




The End

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