Balthazar and Gabriel's FightMature

Gabriel didn’t move as Balthazar began to move around him he didn’t turn his head as the massive daemon circled around him.

“Why isn’t he moving?” Jay asked Raoul beside Raoul Dawn was looking slightly pale as he watched the two figures Raoul grinned.

“Don’t worry just watch.”

“He needs to move” Jay frowned Raoul's laugh echoed slightly in the silent room.

“I've seen this before trust me and watch carefully.”


On the metal shutters Gabriel didn’t even blink as Balthazar came up behind him the huge daemon grinned and swung his fist. Swiftly Gabriel finally moved ducking to one side he grabbed Balthazar's arm and twisted flinging him to the floor.  Over half the crowd cheered as the shutters vibrated ominously beneath Balthazar's weight as Gabriel returned to standing perfectly still his arms down by his sides.

“Little bastard” Balthazar swore as he picked himself up. He lunged towards Gabriel who sidestepped gracefully and swung a kick into the daemons stomach. Balthazar's lunge stopped short as he doubled over Gabriel jumped grabbing the daemons shoulder and the back of his head his knee connected sharply with Balthazar's nose. Gabriel moved back quickly as blood began to pour down the daemons face Dawn stepped forward.

“We have our winner” he smiled at Gabriel walking slowly towards him as Balthazar straightened up and ran towards the vampyre. “Balthazar enough” Dawn shouted as Gabriel leapt aside just in time he felt his temper rise.

“Sylver” Gabriel snarled silently to his twin, “get Dawn back.” Sylver darted forward and pulled Dawn back into the crowds. Balthazar turned to Gabriel blood dripping from his nose down his chin and chest.      

Gabriel grinned at the daemon as Balthazar moved more slowly towards him.

“What are you smiling at?” Balthazar snarled.

“This is going to be fun” Gabriel said repeating the daemons own words.

Balthazar growled and launched himself at Gabriel the vampyres claws raked down the daemons side and Balthazar howled crashing to the floor.

Gabriel watched warily as the daemon began to grow a huge grin on his face.

“No daemon form” Dawn shouted from the sidelines.

“I don’t think anyone’s following the rules anymore Dawn” Raoul said Dawn stepped forward and Sylver grabbed his arm.

“Don’t you dare” he snapped. “One of you will learn a lesson tonight”

“What?” Dawn snarled.

“Either he’ll win and you'll realize that he's not helpless” Sylver growled “or he loses and realizes that he's not invincible” Dawn turned back to the fight Sylver tight grip on his arm reminded him why he was just watching his apprehension making the daemons near him uneasy.

Gabriel ducked under one of the enormous fists he could see a strange scaly armour covering the daemon up to his neckline. He skipped past the daemons legs and swiped experimentally at one of the calf muscles that were as tall as he was. His claws didn’t even leave a mark.

He jumped quickly as Balthazar's slow form began to turn towards him. Digging his claws into the ridged scales he climbed up to the daemons hips jumping aside as one of the massive hands tried to grab him. He felt the vibrations of Balthazar's growl as the daemon tried to reach him.

Gabriel climbed to the middle of his back and gritted his teeth as Balthazar's razor tipped tail tore into his shoulder. He wrapped his arms as far as they would go around Balthazar's neck his feet digging into the daemons ribs a frown crossed his face as he felt the body he clung to shudder he could hear Balthazar's groans of pain as he began to shrink again.

Gabriel waited for his hands to meet in front of Balthazar's throat and wrenched backwards and upwards the crowd winced in unison as they heard the resounding crack as Balthazar's neck broke. Gabriel leapt down as the body slumped to the floor.


The crowd began to cheer Gabriel watched any of them leave disappointed looks on their faces as Balthazar's body began to slowly vanish.

“Come on” Dawn said from beside Gabriel the vampyre was frowning as Dawn steered him from the room.  




The End

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