Before the FightMature

A few hours later and Gabriel growled in his sleep as someone knocked on the door.

Dawn put his sketchpad down and stood up stretching he pulled the door open to see Sylver and a very red faced Deacon beside him.

“Sire” Deacon mumbled not looking at Dawn, “I've come to apologize about earlier” Deacon's flush deepened as Dawn smiled.

“Don’t worry about it” he said “but just so you know no matter how tempting the offer my heart belongs to the grumpy git in the bed.” He said standing back to let them in.

“Hadn’t we better wake him up?” Sylver asked nodding at Gabriel who was still curled up under the covers Dawn looked at his watch tilting it so the light from his magick shone on it.

“I'm awake” a voice grunted from the bed Dawn smiled.

“Hey sweetie” he said quietly Gabriel growled and pulled the covers up over his head as Sylver switched the light on.

“Up you get” Sylver grinned Gabriel grumbled incoherently and Dawn smiled as Sylver gripped the end of the thin blanket and pulled it off the bed. Gabriel curled tighter as the cold air hit him and he groaned Dawn sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Come on sleeping beauty, we've got to be in the pool room in an hour” the daemon lifted the end of Gabriel's braid.

“Don’t do that” Gabriel growled feeling his hair tug slightly.

“Why not?” Sylver grinned “you seem to like it”

“Shut up” Gabriel grumbled sitting up his hair slid out of Dawn's gentle grip.

“Deacon?” Sylver turned and saw the daemon by the door “are you okay?” Deacon stood looking at the floor and shifting his feet.

“Fine” he mumbled “I'm just having a strange moment.”

“A what?” Gabriel said tiredly Deacon held his breath his eyes shutting tightly.

“Never mind” he turned and quickly pulled the door open and ran out into the corridor slamming the door behind him. Sylver sighed and put the bundled up blanket on the end of the bed.

“I’ll go” he said as Dawn began to stand up. The daemon nodded and sat back down Sylver left shutting the door. Gabriel rolled over and looked at Dawn.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“I think its Deacon's time to feed” Dawn said standing up.

“Deacon feeds?” Gabriel frowned sitting up.

“Not on blood” Dawn said picking his mug up and heading to the kitchen.

“On what then?”

“He’s an incubus” Dawn said Gabriel just frowned at him. “He feeds on sexual energy” Dawn flicked the kettle on and turned to look at Gabriel.

“Oh, fair enough” Gabriel shrugged standing up he stretched his wings and his arms and yawned. “Why is he having funny moments in here?” Dawn smiled.

“No idea” he turned back to the kettle as the water bubbled violently before it switched itself off. Gabriel rummaged through his bag looking for his hairbrush as Dawn put his coffee down on the bedside table. “your hair looks good like that” he said vaguely looking at the vampyre his braid had come loose as he slept forming a silver cobra hood around his face. 

“It’s a mess Dawn” Gabriel growled pulling his brush out and pulling the tie out of the end of his braid.

“I don’t care” Dawn smiled “I like it”

“Tough” Gabriel growled “it’s not staying like this” Gabriel said untying his braid Dawn stood up and moved around the bed.

“I think it should” he said Gabriel looked at him.

“What are you doing?” the vampyre asked warily.

“I'm standing here” Dawn replied.

“Why?” Gabriel began tugging the brush through his hair.

“Because I want too” he sat down still looking at Gabriel “now I'm sitting here” he smiled Gabriel frowned at him.

“You confuse me” he growled Dawn put a hand up and beckoned to him.

“Come here” Dawn said Gabriel looked at him for a moment.

“I’d rather not” he said Dawn smiled and stood up.

“Please” Dawn said he took a few steps towards Gabriel and wrapped his arms around the vampyre “be careful tonight” Dawn said quietly.

“I plan on it” Gabriel grumbled Dawn rested his chin on the top of Gabriel's head.

“Good,” Dawn smiled and leant back looking at the vampyre, “I don’t want to carry you home in a box” Dawn turned Gabriel around by the shoulders.

“Now what are you doing?” Gabriel growled.

“Relax” Dawn said pulling Gabriel's hair back and beginning to braid it tightly.

“I can do that myself” the vampyre shivered Dawn laughed.

“I don’t want it getting in your way” he said.

“I can still do it myself” Gabriel argued half heartedly.

“I know” Dawn said Gabriel heard the smile in the daemons voice.

“Enjoying yourself?” Gabriel growled

“Immensely” Dawn grinned. He tugged the piece of leather from Gabriel's hand and tied off the end of the braid. He reluctantly let the vampyre go and Gabriel turned to look at him. “You know it’s a strange thought” Dawn said.

“What is?” Gabriel asked.

“The blood that’s risen straight to your face is mine” he grinned Gabriel frowned an smacked the side of Dawn's head.

“You’re an idiot”

“Idiotic genius sweetie” Dawn laughed.   


Gabriel followed Dawn into the pool room he stopped as he saw the crowds lined up around the edges of the enormous room talking loudly.

“Go on” Sylver prodded him forward his voice echoing slightly in Gabriel's head. Gabriel walked to Dawn who stood at the centre of the room his clawed feet clicked slightly on the metal shutters.

“I want a first blood fight” Dawn ordered “no magick” he turned Balthazar “that means no daemon form either.” Balthazar nodded and Dawn looked at Gabriel who did the same Dawn walked away retuning to Gabriel's family and Raoul, Malachi, Deacon, Jay and Lewis.

“This is going to be fun” Balthazar snarled Gabriel swallowed the retort that was forming and stood up straighter his blue eyes fixed on Balthazar's chest. Dawn ordered silence from the crowds his voice echoing around the room as Gabriel and Balthazar stepped away from each other.

“Begin” Dawn said loudly. 

The End

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