Painkillers and PropositionsMature

An hour later Dawn was rubbing his bandaged wrist and Gabriel was on top of the world lying on the bed.

“Gods your bite is nasty” Dawn grumbled.

“You’re the one who likes it at the time” Gabriel laughed

“I don’t like it afterwards though” the daemon growled.

“You’re almost as bad as Deacon” Gabriel smiled the euphoria was dying down quickly and he sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Dawn asked fiddling with the bandage.

“Nothing” Gabriel said.

“I thought we were telling each other things” Dawn smiled.

“Okay I was wondering what one of the memories I saw was”

“You see my memories?” Dawn asked his mind was slightly fuzzy from the blood loss.

“I thought I'd told you that before” Gabriel frowned.

“You probably did” Dawn said shaking his head “but I don’t remember. “What was it you saw?”
“You and Deacon outside a café. It was like I was watching you from inside.”

“What were we saying?”

“I don’t know” Gabriel said “I couldn’t hear you it was like I was looking through the window” Dawn frowned.

“It could have been when we first went to see Amarantine and he wasn’t there”

“When was that?”

“You were still in Paradise and the others had gone to feed” Dawn sighed “I was feeling sorry for myself.”

“I noticed you didn’t look to happy and Deacon looked a little stern” Gabriel smiled.

“I haven't been doing much else apart from feeling sorry for myself recently.”  

“Nor me” Gabriel smiled shutting his eyes.

“I know you want to leave here sweetie” Dawn said quietly “but I don’t think anyone’s safe if they leave. I want to go home too”

“There must be a way of you getting home Dawn. The Underworld must be safer than here” Dawn laughed.

“The Underworld isn’t my home anymore.” He said “I’m sure I've told you that before” Gabriel frowned.

“Then where's home?” Gabriel asked.

“I can’t say, you'll hit me” Dawn smiled Gabriel sniggered slightly.

“I promise I won’t” he said.

“The Midway” Dawn said “with you” Gabriel raised an eyebrow.

“Why with me I know you feel for me but…” Gabriel trailed off as Dawn smiled at him.

“Because I'm happy with you” Dawn said “I'm not an egotistical, narcissistic bastard when I'm around you”

“Just a bastard who swallows dictionaries” Gabriel grinned it took Dawn a moment to recognize the rare joking tone in Gabriel's voice.

“You’re an arse” Dawn grinned.

“I know”


Someone knocked on the door and Dawn growled slightly as he stood to answer it. Deacon and Sylver stood outside the vampyre holding Deacon steady as he seemed to sway from side to side.

“Deacon remembered the vocal message from Balthazar” Sylver said Dawn nodded and stood aside letting them in. “he want to meet at 8 tonight at the pool room”

Gabriel looked up as Sylver sat down on the bed with Deacon beside him.

“Coffee Deacon?” Dawn asked the daemon looked up at him vaguely.

“Sounds good” he slurred.

“Are you okay?” Dawn asked Sylver smiled.

“Allegra made him some painkillers they worked but he's gone” Dawn frowned.

“What do you mean gone.”

“He’s stoned” Sylver laughed. “This is nothing earlier he was tying my hair into little braids” behind him Gabriel sniggered. “S’not funny” Sylver grumbled.

“It is” Gabriel grinned “and by the way you missed one at the back” Sylver swore running a hand over his straight, mid back length silver hair digging the braid out he began to untie it.    

“What time is it?” Gabriel asked.

“Only twelve” Dawn said passing a steaming mug to Deacon.

“Then I'm getting some sleep” Gabriel said wriggling until he was under the bed covers.

“But you slept all night” Dawn frowned.

“Hardly” Gabriel grumbled “first was that bloody alarm then Deacon woke me up” the bruised and battered daemon seemed to recognize his name and turned to Gabriel whose back was facing him.

“I want to braid his hair” Deacon grinned.

“No” Sylver said sternly.

“But he likes it” Deacon grumbled.

“Likes what?” Gabriel growled.

“You like it when your hairs played with” Deacon said.

“So what?” Gabriel said “it doesn't mean anyone’s doing it.”

“Drink up Deacon I think you need sleep too” Sylver said.

“I hope he's better for later I hate putting stitches in and he's good at it” Dawn said.

“You have a lot of faith in me don’t you Dawn.” Gabriel growled Dawn laughed.

“How’s it going?” Sylver mouthed so Gabriel couldn’t hear him Dawn nodded still smiling. “Come on Deacon” Sylver said the daemon was staring at Dawn.

“What?” Deacon said slowly Sylver took the half empty mug from his hands and passed it to Dawn.

“Sorry” Sylver said “I'm going to get him to bed”

“I’d love to know what was in those painkillers” Dawn smiled.

“Me too” Deacon laughed as he stood up a little shakily and walked the few steps towards Dawn so he was standing in front of him. “You’re pretty” he smiled Dawn smiled.

“I've never been called that before” he grinned “thank you Deacon. Now go to bed”

“Are you coming with me?” Dawn fought not to laugh

“Not this time Deacon you need some sleep” the smaller daemon pulled a face.

“I don’t want sleep.” He grumbled. “Do you know what I want?”

“I’d hate to think” Sylver said steering him out of the door.

“I don’t think I want to know what Deacon wanted.” Dawn said he smiled as he realized that Gabriel was already asleep.

Flicking the light off the daemon pooled his magick in his palm and tipped it so it sat pulsing on the bedside table then he pulled his sketchpad out and settled down to draw.





The End

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