Bullies and BeltsMature

Gabriel awoke to a piercing alarm that cut through Holehallow beside him Dawn sat up sharply.

“Air raid” he said stupidly. Gabriel got out of bed and quickly moved to the bedroom door he wrenched it open in time to see the guide running towards him.

“What’s going on?” Gabriel shouted over the noise the guide stopped a little way down the corridor and flipped a hand switch on the wall the sound cut off.

“Sorry” the guide said “someone left without permission this morning.”

“We need permission to leave?” Gabriel growled.

“Certainly” the guide smiled. “Our security measures are strict” Gabriel glared at him. “I can drop off our house rules later if you want to read them.”

“Why weren’t we told about them?” Gabriel asked.

“Because your party arrived so late” the guide said smiling. Gabriel looked behind him as Dawn came to the door his hair sticking up. “Sire” the guide inclined his head.

“Hey” Dawn said rubbing his head and making his hair stick up even more. “What’s the problem?”

“All sorted sire” the guide said.

“Good” Gabriel growled “I'm going back to bed.”  He turned and left Dawn at the door talking to the guide quietly. He pulled the thin blanket over himself and a few minutes later he felt Dawn climb back in behind him.


Gabriel's eyes snapped open as his senses were assaulted by the smell of blood. He rolled over and saw Dawn battling with a bloody cloth and a battered, bruised and very irritated Deacon.

“What’s going on?” Gabriel asked tiredly.

“Morning gorgeous” Dawn smiled Deacon growled.

“I hope you batter that bastard later” Deacon yelped as Dawn attempted to clean a slowly bleeding cut above his eye. Gabriel sat up.

“What?” he growled.

“Balthazar’s little friends sent you a message this morning” Dawn sighed “Deacon was the first one of us they found” Dawn frowned as the daemon wriggled again. “Deacon I am going to tie you down if you don’t stay still.”

“It bloody hurts” Deacon snapped.

“I don’t doubt that” Dawn said “but I still need to clean you up” Gabriel swung his feet out of the bed his back facing the two daemons. “Gabriel?” Dawn said “fancy giving me a hand?”

“No” Gabriel said sharply the smell was overpowering and he clenched his teeth.

“Are you okay?” Deacon growled as Dawn tried to attack him with the cloth again.

“Deacon” Dawn snapped.

“I'm sorry I don’t do pain well” Deacon growled. “Pleasure, fine I can deal with that but this isn’t nice” Gabriel breathed in against his better judgement and the smell washed over him dulling his senses.

“Now that’s more like it” Deacon grinned.

“What is?” Dawn asked. “Gabriel?” the vampyre stood up.

“Gabriel's having a nice pleasure moment.” Deacon smiled.

“Only because, I'm imagining tearing your throat out right now Deacon.”

“That’s charming that is” Deacon grumbled.

“What else were you hoping for?” Dawn laughed.

“I don’t know” Deacon said “maybe Gabriel could clean me up?” Gabriel felt a tremor run through him as his muscles tensed painfully.

“Gabriel” Dawn frowned. “I know I'm not supposed to ask this but are you okay?”

“No” Gabriel growled breathing hard “that was not a pleasant thing to wake up to”

“What wasn’t?” Deacon asked.

“Blood” Gabriel said simply he moved around the bed and sat on Dawn's side looking at the two daemons.

“You’re usually good with your control” Deacon frowned slapping at Dawn's hand as the daemon tried to wipe the blood from his face.

“Not if I wake up to it” Gabriel looked up and Dawn saw his eyes had darkened to an electric blue. Gabriel watched Dawn hold the side of Deacon's head and clean a cut on the other side of his face.    

“You can have some if you want” Deacon said “anything’s better than that thing” he pointed at the cloth in Dawn's hand

“For god’s sake Deacon” Dawn grumbled “I've barely started”

“It hurts” Deacon growled Dawn sighed.
“you didn’t moan this much in paradise” Gabriel stated Dawn looked at him waiting for him to realize what he'd said but Gabriel just looked back at him.  

“It wasn’t this bad then” Deacon said

“Fair enough” Gabriel shrugged the fire in his veins was dying down slowly he looked up and saw that Dawn was still watching him. “What?” he growled.

“You’re going to need to feed before you fight Balthazar”

“I know” Gabriel said

“Gabriel, Deacon's not useless and Balthazar's worse than his…” Dawn stopped and frowned at the vampyre. “What did you say?” he asked in surprise he'd expected a small argument at least.

“I said I know” Gabriel said looking at him strangely.

“Okay” Dawn smiled. “Who did you want to do it?”

“Definitely not Deacon” Gabriel said.

“I don’t mind” Deacon said his voice muffled by his t-shirt as Dawn pulled it up over his head. Gabriel growled as he saw black and purple bruising covering the daemons torso.

“I agree” Dawn sighed “they did a thorough job”

“Can’t you do anything about them?  Gabriel asked.

“I would most of them left this morning” Dawn snarled then he sighed again. “Deacon go and get in the shower keep the water cool though”

“I have to” Deacon said stumbling slightly as he turned towards the bathroom. “the hot waters not working”

“I forgot about that” Dawn said

“I didn’t” Gabriel frowned “I'm still bloody cold”

“I'm sure Dawn could warm you up” Deacon stopped holding his ribs as a growl mixed with a hiss escaped him.

“Deacon” Dawn put a hand on the daemons shoulder.

“I'm alright” Deacon said he carried on towards the bathroom his breaths coming hard and fast.

“Don’t lock it” Dawn called “yell if you need me” Deacon nodded shutting the door. Dawn sighed and filled the kettle up pushing the plug back into it and flicking it on.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said quietly.

“At least it wasn’t you this time” Dawn said his voice was calm but Gabriel saw his skin darken.

“Dawn no daemon form down here okay?” Gabriel said.

“Did I scare you with that?” Dawn asked turning to face him.

“It was a little weird but no you didn’t scare me. The only reason I'm saying it is because you'll be too big for the room.” Gabriel smiled and Dawn laughed “and your bloods black when your like that” Dawn stared at him the smile gone.

“What?” he said slowly. “Me?”

“What?” Gabriel frowned.

“You want to feed from me?”

“Why not?” Gabriel shrugged pulling his hoodie off, Dawn groaned inwardly and turned to make two coffees.  “I don’t fancy getting cosy with Malachi. If he sneezes or anything I’ll go up in flames.”

“True” Dawn sniggered the daemon walked to the bed and sat down he turned looking at the still red welts that covered Gabriel's back and sides as the vampyre searched for a shirt in his bag.

“Dawn stop it” Gabriel said.

“Stop what?” Dawn asked realizing his coffee was burning his hand he hissed and put  it down quickly.

“Stop looking at me.”

“Am I not allowed to do that now?” Dawn asked Gabriel sighed.

“You don’t make your own situation any easier you know”

“I know but I like looking at you”

“That’s because you're weird”

“I am not weird” Dawn laughed.

“You are” Gabriel grumbled.

“Fine I am but it doesn't stop me liking the way you look” Dawn smiled. Gabriel found a deep red shirt and tugged it on. “So when did you want feeding?” Dawn asked.
“When Deacon's sorted” Gabriel replied standing up “eyes on the bathroom door”

“Excuse me?” Dawn asked.

“I do want to get the rest of me changed you know and the bathrooms taken so eyes on the bathroom door until I say you can turn around” Dawn smiled fondly at him and did as he was told. Gabriel watched the daemon for a moment and when he didn’t move he quickly stripped his tracksuit bottoms off and tugged on a pair of loose fitting combats. Noticing that the welts on his legs were still red he sighed.

“You okay?” Dawn asked not taking his eyes off the door.

“I think so” Gabriel said struggling slightly with the metal button. “you can move now” he said, he twisted the waist of the combats slightly as Dawn looked around.

“What’s up?” Dawn asked.

“Do you have a belt I could borrow?” Gabriel frowned at the few inches of air between his waist and the waistband of his combats.

“Hang on” Dawn smiled “I’ll check” he opened his bag and began rifling through the clothes.

“You were right about me losing weight” Gabriel sighed “I just didn’t realize how much until now” Dawn pulled a black material belt from his bag and held it out Gabriel looked distastefully at it before taking it and beginning to thread it through his belt loops.

“Thanks” he said “I hate these things.”

The End

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