A Way With WordsMature

“You didn’t listen to a word I said did you?” Sylver growled at the daemon.

“Actually I did and I told Gabriel I would back off” Dawn snapped back.

“But you didn't do it” Sylver said “there's a difference between saying and doing”

“I'm trying” Dawn said.

“You’re very trying Dawn” Sylver snarled “if you say jump to your daemons they ask how high. You say it to us and we tell you to piss off. We’re not your daemons Dawn and you need to realize that”

“I know you're not” Dawn growled "What's your point?

“Dawn I know more about you than you think I know what you were like before you came to the Midway”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Dawn frowned.

“It’s got a lot to do with it the daemons here are scared of you” Sylver sighed Dawn waited. “Do you think Gabriel should know?”

“Know what?” Gabriel asked.

“I've got nothing to hide from him” Dawn said

“How valiant” Sylver growled. “I take it you never told him the fact that you're as bad as mother did you? How you tortured daemons just for fun”

“It wasn’t for fun” Dawn snarled.
“How if you liked someone you had them” Sylver added “and that’s not even all of it” Dawn looked at Gabriel horrified.

“I guess you do have things to hide” Gabriel said disgustedly.

“That was a long time ago” Dawn snapped defensively

“Not long enough for the daemons here to forget it” Sylver said.

“I'm not like that now” Dawn said desperately.

“No but when you're pushed and the when your daemon form shows you can see what you used be” Sylver said “and to be honest I see why Gabriel's afraid of you”

“I'm not afraid” Gabriel growled.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you were” Dawn said the daemon turned away from them and ran his hands over his hair. Sylver moved near to him and put a hand on his shoulder Dawn looked away from Sylver as a tear tracked down his face.

“I'm sorry” Sylver said “but you both need a wake up call. You're living in a dream world and you're killing each other” Dawn looked at him.

“I don’t mean to” he whispered trying not to let Gabriel see his face.

“I know” Sylver smiled gently “it’s not easy living in reality but you both need to if you're going to help each other” Dawn nodded and Gabriel stood up from the bed he walked to the kitchen and flicked the kettle on. Walking back he saw Sylver move to the bed leaving Dawn alone. Gabriel looked at the large daemon but Dawn kept his eyes fixed on the floor.

“Dawn” Gabriel said he lifted the daemons chin with a gentle claw beneath his chin. “It looks like we’re both screw ups doesn’t it?” he smiled “I think Sylver's right” Dawn's eyes shone slightly as the electric lights caught unshed tears.

“I'm sorry” he said quietly Gabriel nodded slightly.

“I know” he said

“I’ll leave you two alone” Sylver stood up “but if you start arguing again I’ll bang your heads together” Gabriel smiled and Dawn half laughed and half sobbed as Sylver left.

“Dawn make yourself a coffee I don’t know how too” Gabriel said sitting back on the bed Dawn nodded and Gabriel saw him raise an arm and wipe his face on his sleeve as he headed towards the kitchen.

Returning to the bed a steaming cup in hand Dawn looked at Gabriel.

“Balthazar wont come until tomorrow” he said quietly “I made sure” Gabriel felt a niggling irritation that the daemon had interfered again.

“Okay” he said he looked at Dawn's watch “I think I'm going to bed then” Dawn nodded as Gabriel picked his bag up.

“I am sorry you know” Dawn mumbled.
“I know” Gabriel smiled slightly “me too” he shut the bathroom door and Dawn heard the lock slide into place.

Inside Gabriel stepped into the shower.

Dawn heard the yelp from the bathroom.

“Is everything alright?” he called.

“Fucking waters cold” Gabriel snapped back the vampyre slammed the door open a few moments later dressed in tracksuit bottoms his bag slung over his shoulder.

“Did it warm up?” Dawn asked

“No” Gabriel growled.

“Good” Dawn smiled standing up and putting his cup in the kitchen.

“You’re having a cold shower?” Gabriel asked suppressing a snigger.

“I always do” Dawn said


“The underworld is boiling I'm just used to it” he smiled.

“Fair enough” Gabriel said pulling a hoodie on.

“When Dawn came back Gabriel was curled up in bed he sighed and rubbed the towel over his hair then he tugged on a thin t-shirt and switched the light off. Gabriel grumbled as the daemon climbed into bed.

“night sweetheart” Dawn said.

“goodnight” Gabriel mumbled.  

The End

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