Sylver's InterventionMature

Dawn and the others were running towards an intersection just as Balthazar's massive form slid across the junction in front of them and out of sight and Gabriel strolled calmly around the corner.

“Gabriel?” Dawn stopped.

“Go away” Gabriel said quietly walking past him.

Balthazar picked himself up and turning he ran full speed around the corner straight into Dawn. Sylver caught Dawn's arm as the daemon lost his balance slightly Balthazar carried on past them intent on catching Gabriel.

The vampyre dropped into a small ball as Balthazar closed in on him and once more the daemon tripped and went flying. Sylver and the others turned to look as the inhabitants of the rooms nearby crowded into the hallway to watch.

Dawn moved to Gabriel as the vampyre picked himself up again and he began brushing dust from his clothes. Balthazar had turned to face Gabriel again his face red with fury beneath a layer of dust.

“Balthazar enough” Dawn said.


“I said enough” Dawn's voice shook the floor. Balthazar stared at Gabriel sinking to one knee at the same time.

“Where did you want to do this?” Gabriel asked his voice calm.

“What?” Balthazar snarled.

“Well” Gabriel smiled gently “you seem intent on killing me so lets do it properly.”

“Gabriel don’t” Dawn hissed.

“Why not?” Gabriel turned to him now.

“You’ll get killed.” Gabriel just stared at the daemon for a moment then turned and walked past Balthazar.

“Pick a time pick a place and I’ll be there” Gabriel headed back to his bedroom.

“Get back to your rooms” Dawn shouted at the daemons that crowded behind him before walking as calmly as he could back towards the bedroom, the others following silently.  


Gabriel had taken his coat and belt off he was stretching as Dawn entered the room.

“If you want to lose an extremity then by all means start shouting.” Gabriel's voice was toneless.

“Gabriel why?” Dawn asked trying to keep his voice low and stay calm.

“I'm suicidal Dawn, remember?” Gabriel said sarcasm dripped from his words.

“You said you were fine” Dawn frowned.

“You mean you actually listened?” Gabriel said mocking surprise. “Well miracles do happen.”

“Gabriel, stop it” Sylver said from the doorway.

“Stop what?” Gabriel growled “you all tell me to be myself and as soon as I am you al complain”

“Gabriel this isn’t you being yourself” Dawn said gently Sylver covered his eyes knowing what the vampyres reaction would be. Gabriel stood up and moved nearer to Dawn.

“Come here” he said looking up at the daemon Dawn bent down and Gabriel gripped the back of his neck roughly and pulled him further down.

“You don’t know me” Gabriel hissed in the daemons ear, “so don’t presume too” he let Dawn go and turned away Dawn gripped the vampyres shoulders stopping him.

“I know you better than you think” Gabriel growled and pulled out of Dawn's tight grip.

“Go on then” he snapped “who am I? What am I really like?”  Dawn looked at him for a long moment.

“I don’t think now’s the time” Dawn sighed “if you're still alive later maybe I’ll talk to you”

“Talk to me now or not at all”

“Gabriel” Sylver snapped from the doorway “a word?” Deacon pulled Jay backwards as Dawn went to leave. “No you stay” Sylver snarled as Deacon pulled the door shut.


“What?” Gabriel said sitting down on the bed.

“Okay” Sylver turned to him “I’ll start with you. I know the last few weeks haven't been easy on you.” He said gently “and you’ve had no time to recover and you're stuck down here where you’re not comfortable but you need to stop pushing everyone away”

“Why?” Gabriel said shrugging.

“Why?” Sylver raised his eyebrows “because we care” he put a finger up to Dawn as the daemon opened his mouth to speak. “and for some reason this idiot here thinks the world of you and quite frankly he has a lot more patience than me” Gabriel looked at his brother blankly

“What?” he said dully Sylver clicked his fingers in front of Gabriel's face.

“Wake up” Sylver snapped “you're losing everyone and you don’t seem to care”

“I do care” Gabriel mumbled.

“Then do something nice speak to us” Sylver said more calmly “I don’t care what you do, hell get laid if it helps sort this out” he tapped Gabriel's forehead.

“Okay” Gabriel nodded.

“Okay” Sylver smiled he turned to Dawn. “Your turn.”


The End

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