Names and ShamesMature

“Sire?” Deacon said.

“I've told you not to call me that Deacon” Dawn growled he stood up and put his mug on the worktop

“Dawn” Deacon corrected “what's wrong?”

“What’s always wrong?” Dawn sighed.

“Gabriel” Sylver frowned “did you listen to a word I said?” Dawn nodded.

“I told him I would back off” Dawn said quietly “but it’s not easy”

“Out of curiosity” Jay said looking up at Dawn who nodded. “Where’s he gone to vent?”

“No idea” Sylver said “why?”

“Because there's a pool room with big metal shutters that close over the water it would be ideal.”

Why didn’t you say?” Sylver smiled “he's probably terrorizing half of Holehallow by now” he pulled the door open.

“Dawn” Deacon said “come on” he pulled the daemon towards the door.

“Deacon I don’t really feel like it” Dawn said tiredly. Sylver poked his head back around the door.

“You might want to feel like it” Dawn could hear shouting now.

“For god’s sake” he growled following Deacon out of the door.


Gabriel walked out into the corridor and stopped looking around then he sniffed and headed away from the atrium. Rounding a corner he saw a daemon standing alone by the wall the thin daemon watched with cold eyes as Gabriel passed him.

Gabriel quickly walked around the next corner almost bumping into another daemon. His hand moved around his waist gripping the hilt of one of the short swords at his waist and he carried on walking.


Gabriel sped up as he heard footsteps behind him he growled rounding another corner and realizing it was a dead end. He turned to see three daemons walking down the corridor towards him.

“Someone wants to see you” one of them grinned.

“I wonder who?” Gabriel said his voice calm he walked straight towards them and the one who’d spoken put a hand on the vampyres chest to stop him. “You really want to move” Gabriel growled.

“Do I?” the daemon smiled Gabriel gripped the daemons wrist and twisted his arm making the daemon howl the other two backed away.

“Cowards” Gabriel snarled as he released the daemon he strode past them and back the way he'd come. He stormed around the corner just as one of the doors behind him opened.


Dawn and the others ran down the corridor, the electric lights flared as they passed.

“I do hope that’s not Gabriel doing that” Deacon said.

“Me too” Dawn growled Sylver kept his mouth shut as they jogged along.

Gabriel hit the ground landing on his front and skidding a little way on the dusty floor.

“You embarrassed me” Balthazar hissed

“You embarrassed yourself” Gabriel snarled standing up and brushing himself down. Balthazar growled as doors all down the corridor began to open the daemons inside wondering what was happening. “Well?” Gabriel frowned Balthazar hadn’t moved again. “are you going to do anything?” Gabriel waited a moment before he sniggered and turned walking away. Behind him Balthazar growled and moved quickly down the corridor behind Gabriel.

“how dare you walk away from me?” he thundered.

Gabriel didn’t turn the lights on the wall flared brightly buzzing angrily as Gabriel felt the massive daemon close in behind him. 


The End

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