The Truth can be PainfulMature

Dawn pushed Gabriel into their room and slammed the door in Sylver and the others faces.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” Dawn shouted Gabriel frowned. “You could have been killed” Dawn's voice had a tint of worry now just below his anger.

“Dawn” Gabriel snapped as the daemon took a breath. “Don’t you dare”

“Don’t I dare what?” Dawn raged.

“I do what I want when I want including protecting my kids” Gabriel snapped Dawn gripped his shoulders.
“Balthazar could have killed you”

“He didn’t last time” Gabriel growled he gripped Dawn's forearms digging his claws warningly into the flesh.

“You were in the Underworld last time he ran from the ice” Dawn snarled.

“So? I cracked his head soon after” Gabriel dug his claws deeper and felt one of them pierce the skin Dawn winced.

“Let go” he said releasing his grip on Gabriel's shoulders and Gabriel let go of Dawn. Dawn pulled him into a tight hug. “I'm sorry” he said his voice was still tense and worried but quiet “I didn’t know what else to do”

“What are you talking about now?” Gabriel growled against Dawn's chest.

“Gabriel you're suicidal by your own admission and you pick a fight with the nastiest bastard in the place” Dawn said.

“I'm not stupid Dawn” Gabriel snapped “I'm not about to get myself killed.”

“I heard you say it”


“’What's the point?’” Dawn said “you gave up in your dreams what's to stop you doing it now?” Dawn ignored the pounding on the door.

“I have more to live for outside my dreams” Gabriel said blankly.

“Really?” Dawn said sceptically “like what?”

“None of your business” Gabriel snarled he watched the gold flecks dancing in Dawn's eyes.

“Sweetheart” Dawn said he felt Gabriel growl “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. What if something happened?”   

“You’d carry on” Gabriel snapped pushing Dawn away from him. Dawn felt his eyes burning as he watched Gabriel walk away.

“Maybe I would” he sighed. “But I wouldn’t live”

“Then you’re an idiot if you can’t live without someone else” Gabriel growled he pulled his wing around to look at the damage.

“Dawn let us in” Sylver shouted from outside. Dawn looked at Gabriel for a moment longer before turning and opening the door. Sylver slammed the door back into the wall. “Don’t do that again” he snapped he looked at Dawn and his anger melted at the look on the daemons face.


The End

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