Old Friends and Old EnemiesMature

Morgan was in the atrium standing with Deacon and Raoul.

“Hey Gabriel” Raoul grinned.

“Hey” Gabriel smiled then his face twisted to disgust as he looked around him.

“What’s up?” Morgan asked.

“I wanted to apologize” Gabriel said “for earlier”

“Are you upsetting people again?” Raoul asked lightly Gabriel smacked the side of his head gently.  
“It’s alright” Morgan smiled. “The last few weeks haven't been easy on anyone”

“Especially you and Morgan” Raoul said as Deacon passed the vampyre a cigarette Gabriel smiled and searched his pockets for a lighter. “And Dawn I suppose” he grumbled.

“It hasn’t been easy for any of us” Morgan smiled she turned to Raoul. “By the way how's Lewis?”

“He’s good, desperate to try out his new wings” Raoul smiled “our room looks like we've had a heavy snowfall there's feathers everywhere” Morgan laughed and Gabriel smiled.

“At least he's doing alright” Deacon said Gabriel turned away from Raoul as two daemons behind him began kissing passionately. “Not into voyeurism then?” Deacon grinned.

“You’re not prude Gabriel” Raoul frowned.

“I just thought everyone would have more important things to do than getting drunk and fucking” Gabriel said casually Deacon snorted into his drink and Raoul clapped him on the back as he choked.

“You really do have a way with words” Deacon coughed Gabriel shrugged.

“I just say what I think” he growled as someone pushed past him elbowing him in the back.

“Hey” Morgan shouted as she saw him flinch “you really want to watch where you're going” Gabriel turned as a group of tall daemons stopped. He saw them part as someone rather familiar pushed his way through them to get to Morgan.

“What did you say?” the massive daemon boomed in a ripple effect the room fell silent.

“I said watch where you're going” Morgan snarled “clean your ears out”

“How dare you talk to me like that” the daemon roared Gabriel's claws wrapped around the daemons wrist as he swung for Morgan who had already drawn one of her curved swords.

“Hello Balthazar” Gabriel grinned. Deacon grabbed Morgan's arm and pulled her back.
“Let him deal with this one” he hissed in her ear he grabbed the back of Raoul's collar and dragged him backwards too as the crowds did the same clearing a space around Balthazar and Gabriel.

The massive daemon searched the vampyres face.

“I know you” the daemon rumbled Gabriel smiled.

“Don’t remember me too well then?” he asked “I must've cracked your head harder than I thought” Balthazar's eyes narrowed in recognition.

“Little bastard” he snarled he raised his other fist Gabriel ducked beneath it landing a sharp jab in the daemons stomach.

“Be careful Gabriel” Raoul called Gabriel sighed as he heard the crowds repeating his name now they knew who he was.

“Come on” he skipped away as the daemon swung again “you did better than this last time.” Gabriel could feel his adrenaline kicking in and he grinned.

“He’s insane” Deacon said astonished.

“He’s not” Raoul smiled.

Gabriel sidestepped gracefully as the daemon charged towards him. The crowds scrambled to part as Balthazar came towards them. He turned and saw Gabriel smiling Balthazar moved more carefully towards Gabriel there was something different compared to the ragged creature Balthazar had fought before. Gabriel's eyes shone as he opened the daemons forearm the crowd cheered.

“He hasn’t fought hand to hand for a while has he?” Raoul asked.

“I haven't seen it since Wesley” Deacon answered “and even that involved magick” Deacon said as saw Gabriel open the huge daemons side the incubi could feel the pleasure rolling off the vampyre “he's a vicious little bugger isn’t he?” Deacon grinned.


Suddenly the crowd went quiet.

“What is going on?” a voice roared from the edge of the room. Most of the crowd dropped to one knee the few left standing weren’t daemons.

Gabriel saw Dawn pushing his way through the daemons. Balthazar glared at Gabriel from his kneeling position Gabriel growled to himself. This was going to be unpleasant.

“Sire” Balthazar bowed his head. “This creature attacked me for no reason”

“Timothy” Dawn said loudly to a tiny daemon in front of him. He waved his hand and the crowds stood again. The daemon ran forward he was no more than four foot tall and Dawn seemed to tower above him. “What happened?”

"Gabriel" Deacon said coming up behind him "your wing is ripped" 

“From what I saw sire” Timothy inclined his head respectfully “Balthazar lashed out at the young lady” he nodded at Morgan “Mr Black-Lightning was defending her” Dawn nodded.

“Balthazar you are a liar and a parasite” Dawn snarled.

“I've done nothing wrong sire” Balthazar insisted

“Go to your room I will deal with you later.” Dawn said Balthazar stood and Gabriel heard him yelling all the way out of the hall. Dawn turned to the tiny daemon “thank you” he said unemotionally the small daemon moved back to his group and Dawn turned to Gabriel. “Back to our room now” he growled quietly.

“Piss of Dawn” Gabriel snapped he heard the crowd around them gasp and begin to mutter again.

“Now” Dawn snarled. He gripped Gabriel's shoulder and pushed him out of the hall not noticing the little group that followed them.   

The End

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