Are the Dreams Real?Mature

Gabriel rolled over in his sleep and Dawn looked up from his drawing to see Gabriel frown in his sleep.

“Gabriel” Dawn whispered but the vampyre didn’t open his eyes.


Gabriel opened his eyes he could smell blood but he couldn’t see anything in the darkness around him.

“Hello?” he said his voice echoed slightly. He tried to move but his hands but heavy shackles and chains weighed his limbs down he frowned. “I'm not here” he said to himself squeezing his eyes shut. Light flooded the room turning the inside of his eyelids blood red. He opened his eyes slowly his eyes taking in a bloodstained stone floor and a set of silver robes. His eyes travelled up until he was looking into his mothers face. “You’re not real” he hissed at her.

“I'm as real as you make me my son” she grinned Gabriel stood his ground.

“No you're not” he growled. “I'm dreaming”

“Maybe” aura said “I have a present for you” she stood aside to reveal Morgan standing behind her. Morgan held a leather strap between her hands.

“Hello father” she smiled Gabriel frowned then his vision flashed as the strap landed across his cheek.

“Gabriel” Dawn's voice cut across the dream.

Morgan bent down to him.

“You don’t want to live, why are you fighting?”

“Gabriel?” Dawn's voice said again.

“Because it’s all I know” he answered as blood leaked into his mouth from his split cheek. Morgan smiled and flicked the strap wrapping it around his neck.

“Gabriel wake up” Dawn's voice was getting further away as the blood began to pound in the vampyres ears.

“Well done” aura clapped her hands gleefully as Morgan tightened the strap.

“What’s the point?” Gabriel thought.


Gabriel's eyes snapped open and he panicked as he felt a pair of arms wrapped around him he was laying on someone’s lap he lashed out with his claws.

“Gabriel enough” Dawn's voice ordered from above him.

“Dawn” Gabriel panted his heart pounding.

“Gabriel what the hell was that?” Gabriel sat up pulling out of the daemons arms his hand on his chest. Dawn moved up behind him putting his hand on the back of the vampyres neck. Gabriel felt warm fingers curl around just under his hairline.   

“Easy sweetheart” Dawn said.

“Don’t call me that” Gabriel growled Dawn smiled and tried to breath normally himself.

“You scared me half to death” Dawn said “you stopped breathing”

“I did?” Gabriel turned to look at Dawn the look in the vampyres eyes almost made Dawn look away.

“What happened?” Dawn said gently he pulled the vampyre carefully to him wrapping his arms around him.

“I’d rather not talk about it” Gabriel sighed.

“You said something just before you woke up” Dawn said quietly “you said ‘what's the point?’ what's the point in what?” Dawn asked.

“It doest matter” Gabriel growled. “It wasn’t real” Dawn sighed and ran his hands over Gabriel's hair.



The End

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