Secret ThoughtsMature

Dawn was sitting on the bed Gabriel could hear tinny music as the daemon sketched a pair of earphones blaring out music into his ears.

Gabriel sighed and shut the door he put his bag down then knelt down undoing his boots.

“Hey sweetie” Dawn said pulling the tiny devices from his ears.

“Don’t call me that” Gabriel growled.

“Where did you go?” Dawn asked closing his sketchbook.

“Meeting a few neighbours” Gabriel answered.

“Sounds very unlike you” Dawn smiled standing up he stretched and Gabriel heard his joints crunch he winced on the daemons behalf.

“That sounded painful” he said shedding his coat.

“Not really.” Dawn said “Gabriel can I have a word?” Dawn looked at Gabriel carefully.

“About what?” Gabriel asked.

“Promise you won’t get annoyed?”

“I promise nothing” Gabriel said suspiciously. “It depends on what it’s about”

“About you” Dawn sat back down on the bed. ”aboutParadise” Gabriel frowned feeling his mood switch from vaguely relaxed to tense.

“What about it?” he growled Dawn sighed.

“Don’t get annoyed” Dawn insisted “but I had a word with Allegra last night” unconsciously the daemon ran his tongue over the split in his lip. “she said you were feeling low”

“Of course I was” Gabriel snapped Dawn shut his eyes for a moment.

“To be more specific she said you were giving up”

“Well I didn’t, did I?” Gabriel said.

“I know” Dawn said “but I was wondering…”

“Wondering what?” Gabriel growled “if I'm still like it?”


“Yes I am” Gabriel shrugged “so what?”

“Gabriel” Dawn sighed he moved from the bed towards the vampyre.

“Don’t” Gabriel said harshly Dawn stopped.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because of this” Gabriel said he moved around the daemon to the bed and sat down.

“Because of what?” Dawn asked turning to watch the vampyre.

“Because of you” Gabriel snarled. “I don’t want your pity Dawn” Gabriel laid back on the bed his hands behind his head.

“And you wont get it” Dawn growled “I have never pitied you”

“You sound like it” Gabriel said is eyes were shut.

“Never” Dawn said sitting down on his side of the bed. “I worry about you but I've never pitied you” he twisted to look at Gabriel. “And you’re still too thin”

“What?” Gabriel snapped.

“You’re thin” Dawn repeated

“I'm fine Dawn” Gabriel sighed. The daemon looked away from Gabriel the way the vampyre was laying had lifted the bottom of his shirt and Dawn could see two slender hipbones the daemon growled. “What?” Gabriel grumbled.

“Gabriel” Dawn said “um… I'm not concentrating right now, okay? “I’ll leave you to it” Dawn picked up his sketchbook.

“You really irritate me sometimes you know?” Gabriel growled he rolled over his back facing the daemon. 

"I know" Dawn said.

Dawn looked at him again and reached out to the vampyre he stopped short of placing his hand in between his wings to rest on Gabriel's back.

“Don’t touch me” Gabriel growled he sounded exhausted.

“Okay” Dawn said “but I will have a look at that stab wound later” he could see tiny spots of blood on Gabriel's shirt, just above the vampyres wing.

“Fine” Gabriel grumbled. Dawn smiled and flipped the drawing pad open to a clean page vowing silently that Gabriel would never see the picture that Dawn had in mind. 

The End

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