New NeighboursMature

Gabriel headed back to his and dawns room alone leaving the slightly drunken daemon in the atrium with the warning that if he was too drunk he was sleeping in the bathroom. Gabriel lay back on the bed and shut his eyes only a few minutes had passed when a knock on the door had Gabriel growling and pulling himself up he wrenched the door open.

“What?” he snapped the small daemon that stood outside grinned nervously.

“Hi sorry did I interrupt?” the small daemon asked Gabriel sighed.

“No” he said

“I was just wondering if you had any sugar?” Gabriel frowned at the strange question.

“I don’t know” he said “hang on” he left the door open and went to look in the small cupboard above the worktop.

He found a jar of coffee, an unopened a packet of crackers, a few random cans of food and a bag at the back he pulled it out and scrutinized the label he shrugged the main word on the packaging bean with S. “is this what you want?” he asked the daemon returning to the door.

“Not the whole thing” the daemon said “don’t you want any?”

“We don’t use it” Gabriel shrugged passing the bag to the daemon.

“Well in that case did you want to join us?” Gabriel thought for a moment then decided that it might be better than being bored. He smiled and grabbed his bag locking the door behind him and following the daemon down the hall.

“My names Jay” the daemon said as they walked.

“Gabriel” the vampyre said as they rounded a corner.

“I must say Gabriel” Jay said “it’s nice to see a daemon here who’s not completely drunk”

“I don’t tend to drink” Gabriel said as Jay opened unlocked his door. “And I'm not a daemon”

“Really?” Jay let Gabriel in the vampyre scanned the room quickly.

“Really” he smiled, the room was a shocking multitude of colour as the crude wooden walls had been plastered with photographs on the bed sat another daemon almost identical to Jay.

“Who’s this?” he asked he pushed a pair of glasses up his nose with one finger.

“This” Jay said smiling “as you so delicately put it is the person responsible for allowing you to have caffeine” he flicked the switch on the kettle.

“Cool” the daemon grinned “thanks”

“No problem” Gabriel smiled he was still standing by the door not sure what to do.

“You can sit down” Jay said “by the way this is Jace”

“Brothers?” Gabriel asked sitting down on the end of the bed.

“No everyone thinks that” Jace smiled.

“What did you want tot drink?” Jay asked Gabriel shook is head.
“Don’t worry I bought my own” he pulled one of the bottles from his bag.

“Ah, a blood drinker” Jay smiled. “Vampyre?” Gabriel nodded “did you want it warm?”

“No thanks” Gabriel smiled “it just needs a good shake”


Two hours passed before Gabriel even realized.

“And that’s how we got here” Jay said flicking the switch on the kettle again.

“How about you?” Jace asked “are you here alone?”

“I think that’s a conversation for next time” Gabriel smiled “I’d better get going”

“Ah don’t leave its nice to see someone in this shithole with a brain”

“Thanks I think” Gabriel said bemusedly “I think I have to go though my roommate will pitch a fit if I'm not back soon”

“How come?” Jay asked pouring another drink for the two of them

“I don’t socialize much” Gabriel shrugged.

“Well you didn’t do badly” Jace said

“Another time” Jay smiled passing a steaming mug to Jace. Gabriel pulled the door open. "Thanks for the sugar" 

“See you both later” Gabriel said. He left the room and walking through the maze of corridors he headed back to his own room. 

The End

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