A Drawing and A DrinkMature

Gabriel was surprised when he awoke that he'd had a dreamless sleep. Dawn wasn’t beside him when he rolled over instead he was perched on top of the worktop sketching.

“I hope you're not drawing me again” Gabriel grumbled stretching.

“I am actually” Dawn smiled he jumped down from the sideboard and passed the sketchbook to Gabriel. He saw a simple drawing of an angel in a guards uniform that was slightly too big. Gabriel frowned his head tilting slightly. “That’s the first time I ever saw you” he smiled as Gabriel handed the book back. “And I knew I loved you that day”

“Dawn I was fifty” Gabriel laughed.

“So?” Dawn said.

“I'm getting in the shower” Gabriel said swinging his legs out of the bed. Dawn threw the sketchpad carefully down onto the bed and as Gabriel stood Dawn hugged him tightly.

“I’ll look after you now” he said “if you want me too” Gabriel looked up at him.

“I can take care of myself” he said Dawn sighed.

“so we’re back to normal then?” he said disappointedly.

“yes” Gabriel said “but occasionally I might need your help. Occasionally” Gabriel smiled and ducked out of Dawn’s grip grabbing his bag and heading to the bathroom. Dawn smiled to himself and waited for the vampyre to finish pulling a towel out of his own bag he lit a cigarette.


Gabriel pulled a black t-shirt and a pair of black jeans from his bag and tugged then on then brushing his hair he retied it and went out into the bedroom again.

“I think we should try and be sociable today” Dawn said as he dropped his cigarette end in the ashtray on the side.   

“Do we have too?” Gabriel grumbled

“I do” Dawn said “I have to make an effort most of the ‘inmates’ here are daemons”

“So what are the rest of them?”

“No idea” Dawn smiled “but I wouldn’t mind finding out” Gabriel shrugged



Dawn finished his shower quickly and dressed smartly in black too they left the room together.

The atrium was heaving again daemons were everywhere Gabriel growled as he and Dawn spotted Raoul and a few of the others and began walking towards them. The hall turned as they passed making way for them.

“Sire” a few said respectfully as Dawn passed the daemon just nodded and carried on. Gabriel felt their eyes watching him too and he shivered.

“Hey” Raoul smiled
“Raven” Dawn greeted reluctantly.

“Hi” Morgan grinned Gabriel smiled.

“Are you alright?” Raoul said to him.

“Fine” Gabriel said

“So what is the plan?” Allegra asked as they sat down.

“I say stick around for a little while and see what happens.” Dawn said.

“Does anyone else want a drink?” Sylver asked standing up Gabriel nodded.

“A JD would be nice” Dawn said.

“Dawn its ten in the morning” Gabriel growled.

“When in Rome” Dawn grinned as the other daemons around him carried on drinking.

“The difference Dawn” Morgan said from behind them “is that they haven't been to bed yet”

“Really?” Dawn growled “oh well” he smiled and Sylver rolled his eyes and left the table.      


The End

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