Bad Memories and Some Good FriendsMature

An hour later Gabriel was sitting silently staring at the end of the bed. Dawn watched him carefully a knock on the door made Gabriel visibly jump.

“Who is it?” Dawn called.

“Deacon” came the reply “and Allegra”

“Hang on” Dawn stood and unlatched the door letting the small daemon and Allegra in.

“Hey” Dawn smiled falsely.

“Are you okay sire?” Deacon asked Dawn nodded “did you want me to sort that out?” he pointed at Dawn's mouth “that looks deep”

“Only if you can” Dawn said.

“I thought ahead” Deacon smiled. Pulling a small box from his pocket it contained two suture needles, some sterile thread and some cotton cloth.

“Gabriel?” Allegra said noticing the quiet vampyre on the bed.

“Allegra” Dawn shook his head at her.

“What’s wrong with him?” Deacon whispered.

“Nothing” Dawn said “just a bad day” Gabriel looked around at them.

“I'm okay” he said tonelessly. Allegra smiled and picked up Gabriel's hairbrush from the tiny bedside table.

“Stay still” she said she sat down beside him and began brushing the few knots out of his still damp hair. Dawn watched him sadly as Deacon put a tiny stitch just under his bottom lip. Allegra pulled Gabriel's hair into a tight braid and tugged the band from her own hair and tied the end of it. “There” she smiled “that’s better” Gabriel turned to her and gave her a small smile he could feel tiredness creeping up on him again and he yawned.

“Gabriel” Allegra said “haven’t you slept yet?” she stood up and Gabriel lay down.

“Not yet” he said

“Or you?” Deacon said to Dawn who shook his head “can I suggest it?”

“I have some herbs and things in my room” Allegra said “Morgan and I could make something to help you sleep”

“I think we’ll be fine” Dawn smiled fondly at Gabriel who was already asleep.

“Sire” Allegra said “while Gabriel is asleep can I have the quickest word with you?”

“Sure” Dawn said “but make it quick” Deacon left and Allegra spoke to Dawn quietly outside the door.       



The End

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