How Dawn Knows GabrielMature

“Dawn?” Gabriel said after a few moments the daemon looked down at him. “I need to sleep” Dawn smiled

“Okay” Dawn let him got and Gabriel picked his bag up and headed to the bathroom.

“By the way” Gabriel said stopping at the bathroom door. “Where do I know you from?”

“Get changed and I’ll tell you” Dawn smiled sadly and began pulling clothes out of his bag Gabriel nodded and closed the bathroom door.


Dawn pulled his tracksuit bottoms on and ran his hands over his hair. The next conversation was going to be hard. He sighed as the bathroom door opened again Dawn turned to look at the vampyre and held his breath. Gabriel put his boots by the door.

“Dawn oxygen is good for all of us” Gabriel said without looking at the daemon Dawn was watching beads of water drip down the vampyres face from his hair. “Dawn?” Gabriel said the daemon shook his head to clear it.

“Sorry” he mumbled.

“I hope you're wearing more than that?” Gabriel said Dawn looked down at his bare chest.

“I wasn’t planning on it” he said Gabriel shrugged and began rummaging through his bag. “What are you looking for?”

“Something to tie my hair back with” Gabriel mumbled.

“Leave it” Dawn said wishfully.

“It’s going to be a nightmare in the morning if I leave it” Gabriel grumbled.

“I like it” Dawn smiled

“I like it long but not loose when I'm sleeping”

“Ask one of the others in the morning for something to tie it with” Dawn yawned Gabriel sighed.

“Alright” he sighed and sat down on the right side of the bed not seeing Dawn's victorious little smile behind him. Gabriel yawned and Dawn noticed that the vampyre wasn’t lying down.

“You okay?”

“Yeah” Gabriel sniffed and lay down pulling the thin blanket up over himself his back facing Dawn. The daemon smiled and lit a cigarette swinging his legs up onto the bed.

“So how did you picture me?” Dawn said.

“What?” Gabriel growled.

“You said you remembered me something must have triggered it”


“So what was I wearing or what did I say?”

“Dawn I'm too tired to play games” Gabriel said.

“Sorry” Dawn said he touched Gabriel's wing and felt the vampyre jump “you knew me when you were quite young, around fifty.”

“Well I know that” Gabriel said “I was about ninety when you got exiled, which by the way is another question that you never answered.” Dawn laughed and Gabriel rolled over pulling Dawn’s cigarette out of his hand taking a drag and passing it back. “Thanks” the vampyre said Dawn smiled down at him.

“I was Captain of the Guard” Dawn said Gabriel's eyes widened in disbelief.

“Really?” Dawn nodded

“we trained together for the first years of basic training” Dawn said “you went up to lieutenant as I got the guard position” Dawn could see Gabriel thinking.

“That’s why you asked what rank I was?” Gabriel frowned his hand automatically going to his ear.

“We need to get some new plain ones” Dawn smiled.      







The End

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