Faded MemoriesMature

“I don’t understand” Dawn frowned

“Dawn” Gabriel pulled away from Dawn and stood up “I know what happened in Paradise but I don’t remember it” Dawn looked confused and Gabriel sighed Dawn stood up and walked to the tiny kitchenette pulling two mugs from the single cupboard then sitting back down he pulled a package from his bag it was wrapped in a t-shirt. Gabriel frowned at him and Dawn sniggered.

“Cute, sweetie” he mumbled and Gabriel threw his pack of cigarettes at the daemons head. Dawn laughed as he unwrapped the t-shirt bringing out his bottle of Jack Daniels “come on tell me what you're talking about” he smiled half filling both mugs.

“Only if you don’t get drunk” Gabriel growled.

“I'm only having one” Dawn smiled holding one cup out to Gabriel who took it gratefully.

“Okay” Gabriel said “I know what happened inParadise, we got caught we got locked up and you and the others managed to get away” he frowned for a moment “Amelia” he said draining the mug in one mouthful.

“Carry on” Dawn nodded sadly.

“Then…the party” Gabriel said “you appeared in the chair” Dawn could see Gabriel struggling slightly to recall what was next.

“The vines?” Dawn said Gabriel smiled and nodded.

“Yes Allegra destroyed the palace. Then someone gave Hyperion back to me”

“Vincent” Dawn said and Gabriel nodded again.

“Then the pipe and your daemon form”

“Well that’s what happened” Dawn said confused.

“But” Gabriel said “there are no details, none at all”

“Really” Dawn frowned Gabriel shook his head. “You don’t remember any small detail?”

“No” Gabriel said “and the more time passes the more I’ll forget” he looked sadly at Dawn.

“Why don’t you keep a diary?” Dawn smiled.

“I can’t can I?” Gabriel said Dawn's face dropped for a moment then he smiled again.

“I could teach you” he said.

“Dawn, what's the point?” Gabriel said “I've forgotten over a thousand years” the things I do remember I don’t want too”

“Gabriel” Dawn said sadly “come here” Gabriel frowned.

“Why?” Dawn smiled.

“Please” he said gently. Gabriel walked forward as Dawn put his mug down on the rough wooden floor. Gabriel moved warily towards him as Dawn stood up the daemon took Gabriel's empty mug and put it down next to his on the floor. Then he wrapped his arms loosely around the vampyre. “When we get out of here I will make sure you have some good memories” he said Gabriel didn’t know what to do with himself so he nervously wrapped one arm around the daemons waist. Dawn smiled and shut his eyes.      



The End

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