Getting to know Dawn a Little MoreMature


Dawn moved to the door near the tiny fridge and the two foot piece of worktop that classed as a kitchen and went into the crude bathroom. Copper pipes ran over the walls leading into a shower with only a curtain and a base, into a tiny sink with only a shaving mirror set up on the back of it and a toilet.

Dawn frowned and lifted the tiny mirror looking at his lip Gabriel had split it right down the centre. He pulled a clean washcloth from his bag and ran the hot tap grimacing as the water ran a gunky, muddy brown for a few seconds before clearing.


When his lip stopped bleeding he put the mirror down and lifted his bag taking the cloth with him just in case. He stopped in the bathroom doorway Gabriel was sat on the edge of the bed his back to the daemon the vampyre was rocking backwards and forwards slightly. Dawn sighed and put his bag down again he walked to the bed and sat down next to Gabriel.

“Gabriel?” he said quietly he didn’t get an answer. Dawn put an arm around him and pulled him carefully to the side into a very awkward hug. Gabriel stopped trying to rock and growled.

“Easy sweetheart” Dawn said.

“I'm sorry” Gabriel said Dawn let him go and Gabriel looked up at him Dawn smiled and flinched as his lip split again. He heard Gabriel hiss as the vampyre looked away Dawn didn’t fancy pushing his luck as he held the cloth to his mouth again.

“Don’t be sorry” Dawn said through the cloth.

“I'm sorry?” Gabriel looked back at him and Dawn moved his hand.

“I said don’t be sorry” Dawn repeated.

“Dawn” Gabriel sighed. “I should be sorry. I always do this” Gabriel watched fascinated as a tiny bead of blood ran down Dawn's chin. “Dawn” he growled. “Can you sort that out please?” Gabriel looked away again.

“There’s not a lot I can do” Dawn said. “Besides you're the one who split it”

“I'm sorry” Gabriel mumbled again.

“You can kiss it better if you want?” Dawn asked then he realized what he'd said “I didn’t mean that. Sorry”

“Can we stop with the apologies they're getting annoying” Gabriel said he pulled one of the sealed bottles from his bag and popped the cap.

“I take that as a no then?” Dawn laughed.

“That’s a no” Gabriel said he leaned forward his elbows on his knees his wings stretched out behind him.

“I am sorry I lied to you” Dawn said “but I didn’t know much about this place”

“But the daemons are on your orders?” Gabriel frowned.

“I know” Dawn sighed. “This plan was set up a very long time ago” Gabriel sat up looking at Dawn. “It’s a failsafe basically set up for any situation that put my kind in danger.” Dawn pushed Gabriel's hair back out of the vampyres face. “And now your kind too” the daemon said gently.

“Set up by whom?”

“Me” Dawn said “Amarantine. The Underworld isn’t ideal for waiting things out, the time goes so slowly compared to everywhere else that it would take years to do anything.” Gabriel frowned. “The time differences still confuse you don’t they?”

“Not too badly now, but why is the Underworld so slow.”

“I haven't got a clue” Dawn shrugged “Gabriel, can I ask you a question?”


“I was wondering...” Dawn paused Gabriel tilted his head slightly and Dawn felt his breath hitch.

“What?” Gabriel repeated after a few moments.

“Can you not do that?”

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned.

“Don’t do that with your head” Dawn was the one to look away now.

“Do what?” Gabriel was getting irritated now.

“If I tell you don’t hit me” Dawn said “okay?”

“Okay” Gabriel said uncertainly.

“Or throw a strop” Dawn added Gabriel growled. “You do a thing with your head when your curious and it’s actually rather endearing”

“Dawn, I am not a dictionary” Gabriel growled as the daemon wiped his chin again.

“You’re cute when you cock your head” Dawn said quickly Gabriel frowned and Dawn heard a low growl. “Don’t flick me either” Dawn said. 

The End

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