Claustrophobia and TemperMature

The trapdoor slammed shut the sound echoing loudly around them. They were saved from the darkness by crude electrical lights on the walls that turned the scene a dingy yellow. Dawn saw by these that Gabriel had gone very pale.

“Gabriel” Dawn said gently he touched the vampyres shoulder.

“Get off” Gabriel said quietly and slowly.

“Are you lot going to stay up there all day?” a voice called from the other end of the tunnel.

“We might” Sylver said looking back at Gabriel.

“Come on the Atriums bigger than this tunnel” the voice called.

“The Atrium?” Sylver frowned.  

“Gabriel” Dawn said gently “come on”

“Go away” Gabriel could see the walls around him moving closer and his air as being cut off. He knew it was his mind playing tricks but he couldn’t stop it he coughed as Dawn moved behind him putting both hands on the vampyres shoulders.

“Go on” Dawn said steering him forward and the vampyre moved slowly down the sloping tunnel.


The Atrium was enormous a huge underground cavern thick stone pillars stretched to the ceiling over fifty feet above them.

Gabriel was coaxed into the cavern where he froze hundreds of daemons and otherworlders were milling around drinking and laughing.

“Gabriel” Dawn whispered in the vampyres ear “keep going” Gabriel felt Dawn's arm snake around his shoulder.

“Hello” the voice that had called to them earlier said. Gabriel saw a small built daemon looking at them. “I'm the guide I’ll show you to your rooms” Dawn looked down at the vampyre next to him as he felt him shudder. “if you're ready that is?” the guide said looking closely at Gabriel.

“Yes” Dawn smiled

“Showers are needed” Sylver said from behind them.

“Okay” the guide said happily “follow me”


Gabriel tried to keep his breathing steady as they walked around the edge of the massive room Dawn's large form between him and the crowds made it slightly easier. The daemons arm was still around his shoulder as they walked into a long corridor doors were set out around every ten feet with a crude light between them. Copper pipes and electric cables ran along the tops of the walls.

They turned a corner at the end of the corridor and walked into an identical one stretching out in font of them.

“How big is this place?” Dawn asked

“Pair up” the guide said to Sylver as he opened a door reaching in to get a set of keys from a hook inside the door. “It’s large enough to hold over a thousand but we’re very overcrowded unfortunately. So everyone is doubling” Gabriel came back to earth with a bump.

“What?” he growled

“That’s fine” Dawn smiled as the guide opened all of the other doors.

“Good luck Dawn” Sylver grinned as he and Deacon took the first room.


Dawn and Gabriel took the last room.

“There better be two beds” Gabriel snarled

“I'm afraid not” the guide smiled

“You’ve got to be joking” Gabriel growled. He looked into the room at the double bed in one corner of the small room Dawn steered him inside then went back to speak to the guide.

“I am sorry sire” the guide said “but we've been flooded with people and we cant cope with everyone”

“That’s okay” Dawn smiled “there's nothing you can do”

“To be honest sire I didn’t think it would bother him I was told that you two were a couple anyway” Dawn smiled.

“Not yet” he said.

“Well good luck sire” the guide was looking past Dawn “you're going to need it” Dawn frowned shutting the door and turned to Gabriel. His mind reeled as his back hit the closed door blood pouring down his chin from his lip Gabriel stood in front of him.

“What was that for?” Dawn shouted cupping his hand beneath his chin to try and stop any more blood from getting onto his clothes.

“What is going on?” the vampyre snarled. “You know more than you’ve told me and for your information we will be a couple on the day I die” Dawn sighed.

“Can I clean myself up?” he said “then I’ll talk to you” Gabriel glared at him.

“Fine” he said.



The End

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