Gabriel's Annoyed for a Good ReasonMature

All of them left via the cellar all the vampyres had three sealed bottles of blood each from Amarantine's supplies and each daemon had three bottles of water.

Unbeknownst to any of them Dawn also had a large well wrapped bottle of Jack Daniels in his bag. Amarantine had checked the map to Holehallow ensuring that every detail was correct this time.


Dawn led the way throughBrightoncity back to the hill. The city was beginning to wake and early cars and a few people were milling as the strange procession in their long coats and boots each with a heavy bag slung over their back. Occasionally one of them seemed to drop a large white feather or two but the humans either didn’t notice or didn’t care.


One worker didn’t turn up at his job that morning as Sylver swiftly took Lewis down a side street.

“Meet us at the hill” Dawn said before they left Sylver nodded and they walked away Dawn carried on and the others followed silently. The daemon was getting apprehensive about the conversation that he was going to have to have with Gabriel soon.

“So what's this place like?” Deacon asked

“I imagine a big house with big gates” Morgan smiled Gabriel snorted and Dawn shook his head.

“Then why call it a safe house?” Allegra asked

“Try and think of a place that can house over a thousand otherworlders” Allegra frowned as they walked up the steep hill and stopped at the top waiting for Sylver and Lewis.

“I can’t imagine a place that big” Morgan said wide eyed Gabriel felt his heart sink.

“I can” he said.

“Gabriel” Dawn said as he sat down “we have no choice” he knew the vampyre had worked it out.

“Then we had better come up with a plan damn fast” Gabriel growled.

“Why?” Allegra asked Gabriel was glaring at Dawn.

“Its underground” Gabriel snarled and Dawn nodded reluctantly.


The End

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