No ChoiceMature

“Now, what's happening?” Gabriel asked as Amarantine passed two mugs from the microwave and poured coffee for Dawn and himself.

“Well” Amarantine sighed. “All the portal to the other planes have been closed down even the teleport network has been blocked Gabriel heard Dawn's low growl.


“Your mother” Amarantine said.

“Hang on the others need to hear this too” Gabriel said he helped Lewis into the lounge and Amarantine sat down and repeated everything that had already been said.

“Aura will stop at nothing to find you all” Amarantine continued “she has help everywhere angels, daemons even wolves”

“So nowhere is safe?” Gabriel growled.

“There have been safe houses for years Gabriel, in case something like this happened”

“How could anyone have anticipated this?” Sylver growled

“I couldn’t” Amarantine sighed. “Nothing on this scale which is why I've shut down every portal I can”

“And I can’t even get to the underworld to check everyone” Dawn growled

“I can t make exceptions” Amarantine said

“But how can you block a teleport?” Sylver asked.

“Most magick works on frequencies” Amarantine started.

“What?” Gabriel and a few of the others questioned.

“Levels of magick depend on what the magick is and who is using it. Dawn and Aura both use the same level and type of magick when teleporting.” Amarantine explained. “As do any other beings that can teleport”

“You have to be specific with a teleport” Dawn grumbled. “You can just think ‘I want to be in the Underworld’ or you could wind up anywhere in the Underworld including two hundred feet in the air. You have to specify.”

“So mother could say she wanted to be standing next to Gabriel?” Sylver asked.

“Theoretically, yes” Amarantine said.

“Which means she was playing games with us, all the time she was chasing us” Gabriel snarled.

“No” Dawn said putting a hand on the vampyres shoulder. “Teleports use up a lot of magick especially when you have passengers. She wouldn’t have been stupid enough to land in the middle of us alone and taking the angels would have wiped her magick out” he squeezed Gabriel’s shoulder gently.

“So what do we do?” Allegra spoke up.

“We go to Holehallow” Dawn said

“For how long?” Gabriel growled

“As long as it takes to work out what to do. Or until she gives up”

“So we work out what to do” Gabriel said “she’ll never give up”

“And neither should you” Amarantine said smiling at Gabriel.

“And what about you Am?” Dawn said “will you come with us?”

“Not yet” Amarantine said “I still have things to do but I will join you there soon”



The End

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