Blood and SecretsMature

Inside they crossed a dusty storeroom and walked up another set of stairs and out into Amarantine's lounge.

“Good evening” Amarantine smiled.

“Hello Am” Dawn said “what the hell is going on?”

“sit down all of you” Amarantine said serenely “I will try and explain everything” Gabriel sat down on a long couch near the door and Dawn sat right next to him shuffling closer to him as Sylver and Malachi sat on the other end. “Drinks please Cassidy” Amarantine said the small daemon nodded and disappeared “oh dear” Amarantine said gently as Lewis moved leaving a small pile of feathers behind.

“Sorry” Lewis flushed slightly.

“No, not at all” Amarantine waved a hand “I take it you're a new vampyre?”

“Yes” Lewis said “as far as we know”  

“And I presume you have not had your first meal yet?”

“No” Lewis frowned.

“Gabriel” Amarantine said looking at Dawn and the vampyre beside him. “Seeing as Dawn looks like he's trying to get you to sit on his lap, would you take our young friend here into the kitchen?”

“How come?” Lewis asked feeling like he was missing something.

“the first time a vampyre ingests blood is not a particularly dignified moment” Amarantine smiled

“Its not?” Lewis asked.

“It makes you feel high” Sylver said “and leaves you a bit disoriented”

“Okay” Lewis said Gabriel led him into the kitchen shutting the door behind them. He sighed glad to get away from Dawn for a moment.


“Dawn” Amarantine said “while Gabriel is out of the room may I have a word?”

“Sure” Dawn said quietly following Amarantine out into the hallway.

“Sorry about this but I don’t wish to repeat myself when Gabriel returns but I've needed to speak to you for a while.” Amarantine sighed.

“Are you okay Am?” Dawn asked.

“Yes” Amarantine replied.


Gabriel sat Lewis down on a stool in the kitchen Cassidy handed both of them a steaming mug. Then he bustled out of the kitchen a full tray balanced on one hand. Lewis looked a little distastefully at the contents of the mug.

“Don’t think about it” Gabriel said

“How can I not?” Lewis asked pulling a face.

“Once you’ve tried it the guilt dies down a little” Gabriel said quietly. Lewis shut his eyes tightly and swallowed a mouthful from the mug. Gabriel turned from him knowing that he didn’t like to be watched so maybe Lewis was the same.

“Gabriel?” Lewis said he was shivering slightly Gabriel gently took the empty mug from Lewis’ hand and set it down on the worktop.

“How are you feeling?” Gabriel asked.

“A bit weird” Lewis said “but also rather happy” Gabriel smiled as Amarantine and Dawn came into the kitchen.

Dawn was slightly pink and Amarantine was pale and tight lipped.

“What’s going on?” Gabriel asked.

“Nothing” Dawn growled Gabriel saw his features shift and the vampyre frowned.

“Don’t bite my head of Dawn, I only asked.”

“I know” Dawn voice was still harsh but slightly apologetic the daemon took a deep breath as Amarantine filled the kettle again.

“Do you two want another?” Amarantine asked his voice was strained.

“Sure” Gabriel said “I think Lewis needs another one” Gabriel watched more feathers float to the floor.

“How are you doing?” Dawn asked the angel.

“I feel a bit drunk right now, but it’s nowhere near as bad as everyone made out”

“Because you're not taking it out of someone whose living” Gabriel said   

The End

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