Teething ProblemsMature

They all settled down in a small group of trees nearby.

“Do you know what I’d give to sleep in a normal bed for more than one night?” Deacon grumbled.

“I sort of like it” Sylver smiled stretching out on the leafy ground.

“That makes you extremely strange then.” Deacon said

“I know” Sylver grinned.

Gabriel lit a cigarette and lay back.

“So where is this place?” Maxwell asked.

“Not too far” Dawn said but I'm going to see if Amarantine's back first. We should get all of you fed first too”

“Especially Lewis” Allegra said dawn nodded.

“I don’t know what the blood or the food supply is like in Holehallow” Dawn said “so I think we should all go and get something to eat”

“Who’s taking Lewis?” Sylver asked smiling at the angel.

“I can cope, I've seen humans before” Lewis grumbled.

“I know” Sylver said “but have you ever tried holding one down while they're fighting for their life while trying to feed and feeling rather a high level of intense pleasure?” Sylver grinned “it’s not an easy mix to deal with”

“I didn’t think about it that way” Lewis frowned.

“Don’t worry” Sylver laughed “I’ll go with you”

“Thanks” Lewis said nervously.


An hour later they were moving and Lewis was leaving a trail of feathers through the deserted streets ofBrighton.

Amarantine's house was still boarded up Dawn banged on the wood that covered the window and swore he saw something move between the gaps in the boards.

Nearby a cellar door inched open a pair of white eyes peering out

“Cassidy?” Dawn called

“Shhh” the tiny daemon hissed he beckoned them all to follow him down the cellar stairs.

The End

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