Bad TimingMature

It had been around four hours since they had left the courtyard.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” Allegra asked.

“Yes” Maxwell growled

“Its right” Dawn sighed from near the back of the group. “I checked this part is around a five hour walk”

Suddenly Lewis grunted in pain dropping to his hands and knees.

“Lewis?” Morgan, who was travelling in front of him, knelt down her hand on his back. Dawn pushed his way gently down the tunnel.

“Lewis” he said kneeling next to Morgan the daemon brushed Lewis’ feathered wing and a shower of white and grey feathers fell to the muddy floor. “Come here” Dawn hauled the angel up. “Morgan help me” Dawn said Morgan passed her flashlight to Allegra and helped Lewis up onto Dawn's back as Deacon took Dawn's bag. Lewis held tightly to the daemons neck and Dawn held Lewis’ legs that were wrapped around the daemons waist. “Lets get out of here then we can sort you out” Dawn said.

“Sounds good” Lewis grumbled.


Out in the open Gabriel saw that they were just below the hill where the crater was. Dawn laid Lewis down in the grass the angels feathers had stopped falling out and he said he wasn’t in pain anymore.

“Will it make a difference that he's on earth?” Sylver asked.

“it shouldn’t” Dawn said “as far as I'm aware earth is the neutral space between the supernatural planes  so whatever he's started to become it should carry on”

“So I’ll still be a vampyre?” Lewis asked Dawn nodded

“It might just take a little longer” Dawn said helping the angel up.

“I feel like I could eat a horse about now” Lewis grumbled

“Well there's an indication that things are normal” Dawn laughed, “and no horses animal bloods not good for you”

“Why not?” Lewis asked.

“No idea” Dawn smiled “I may have to look into that”

“Come on lets get under some cover” Sylver said.

“Is everyone here?” Dawn asked. “Where’s Gabriel?”

“Behind you” Gabriel said Dawn jumped slightly

“Don’t do that” Dawn growled.

“Not nice when people make you jump is it?” Gabriel smiled.

“Will you two stop it” Sylver growled “you're like an old married couple” 

The End

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