Bad Moods and a Little RevengeMature


Gabriel sat with his back resting against the pillar he finished his cigarette as Dawn walked past. Gabriel couldn’t stop the growl that rose up in his throat Dawn turned and looked at him.

“Hey are you okay?”  The daemon smiled.

“No” Dawn knelt down next to him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well whenever I try and get some time to myself someone follows me” Gabriel snapped “usually you”

“Gabriel I'm trying to help” Dawn sighed.

“Help what?”

“You” Dawn said “you're not right”

“I'm fine” Gabriel said slowly as if Dawn was a little stupid.

“You’re not fine”

“I know what's going on in my own mind a lot better than you do”

“I know and I think you're lying to yourself”

“Excuse me?” Gabriel growled.

“I think you’re telling yourself your fine when you're not”

“Dawn come here” Gabriel tugged the daemons collar he moved right near Dawn's ear “I am fine” the vampyre shouted Dawn winced as Gabriel's voice cut through his head. “I do not need your help. Okay?”

“Okay” Dawn sighed “I’ll do you a deal” Gabriel glared at him. “If you're fine, like you say you are, then stop walking away from everyone”

“I walk away from whomever and whatever I wish” Gabriel snarled Dawn shrugged.

“Fine” he sighed standing up and walking back to the fire. Gabriel put his head back against the cold stone behind him.


“How is he?” Morgan asked as Dawn sat down.

“Denying everything” Dawn sighed.

“Dawn you’ve got to give him time to work it out in his own head” Sylver said.

“I know but I could help if he stopped being so stubborn and let me”

“You don’t remember what I told you when we first met do you?” Sylver smiled.

“No” Dawn growled.

“He doesn’t want help, so don’t offer”


“Dawn he’ll come around and he’ll talk to someone” Sylver laid down closing his eyes. Dawn knew the vampyre was right but he didn’t like it at all.


One by one the group all settled down to try and get a few hours sleep nearby Gabriel watched them silently.

Dawn growled at himself as his head dropped forward his eyes shutting for the fifth time before he lay back and closed his eyes voluntarily.


Gabriel walked back to the fire nearly an hour later he sat down between Dawn and Sylver.

“Feeling better?” Sylver asked not opening his eyes.

“I'm alright” Gabriel said, on his other side Dawn's cough sounded suspiciously like the word bullshit. Gabriel growled and reached over to flick the daemons ear Dawn's eyes shot open.

“Ow, you fucking bastard” Dawn snapped rubbing his now very pink ear.

“Not so cute now, am I?” Gabriel grinned.

“I knew you'd get me for calling you that” Dawn grumbled.

“Think yourself lucky” Sylver sniggered “you could have ended up with a new piercing” Dawn frowned thinking how he could win the conversation.

“I’d let those claws do anything” he grinned as Gabriel flushed.

“Too much information” Sylver growled.

“I agree” Gabriel grumbled laying back he pulled his bag under his head. Dawn smiled and propped himself up on his elbow he laid his other hand on Gabriel's still thin chest.

“It’s true though” he grinned “just don’t flick me again” 

“If you don’t get off me you'll have a new hole to breathe through” Dawn felt Gabriel's words rumble beneath his hand.

“Goodnight sweetie”

“Call me that again and you won’t be breathing at all” Gabriel snarled rolling away from Dawn.

“I think he likes you sire” Deacon sniggered from Dawn's other side.

“Really?” Dawn sighed “how can you tell?” the daemon settled down again and closed his eyes.      

The End

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