Into the TunnelsMature

Everyone else was waiting at the bottom of the stairs in pairs.

“Gabriel you're with Dawn.” Maxwell said from the front of the group he was stood beside Sylver.
“Of course I am” Gabriel growled quietly heading to Dawn who was waiting at the back of the group.


The procession moved slowly down to one of the entrances to the Corvere tunnels.

“Dawn is you sure that the map is right this time?” Sylver asked from the front.

“Yes I checked yesterday” Dawn called back Sylver nodded and entered the tunnel.

Morgan new flashlight lit up the darkness she carried spare batteries this time.


Gabriel's thoughts weren’t in the tunnel as they moved forward, no one else spoke. Dawn dropped back to walk just in front of Gabriel.

“You’re slowing down sweetie” Dawn muttered

“Go away” Gabriel said flatly.

“Gabriel” Dawn frowned he flattened himself against the wall and pushed Gabriel ahead of him.

“For god’s sake Dawn” Gabriel snapped.

“Go in front I'm not having you left behind.” Gabriel glared up at Dawn his eyes flashing in the limited light. “Go on” Dawn smiled Gabriel growled and turned heading down the tunnel to the others, behind him he heard Dawn sigh.


In the courtyard Dawn's fire lit up the marble pillars. All of them were grateful that there had been no water this time. They all sat around the fire the daemons all had sandwiches they had made before they left.

“So how come you guys didn’t need food inParadise?” Morgan asked unwrapping her own food Dawn smiled.

“we don’t need it but it helps keep our energy levels up” he said.

Gabriel stood lighting a cigarette then walked away from the group into the darkness.

“Gabriel?” Dawn called after him but the vampyre didn’t turn around he walked to one of the pillars making sure the others couldn’t see him.


“Did I say something wrong?” Morgan asked quietly Dawn smiled.
“No” he shook his head. “to be honest I've been waiting for something to happen.” He wrapped his sandwich back up and stood walking in the direction Gabriel had gone.



The End

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